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Beautiful smile – a small miracle

Smile, as they say, all thirty-two. Smile, because your smile makes someone happy. Cherish your esteemed it, because it is priceless. But your teeth, which are the key to a beautiful smile, just have a very specific price. This bill from the hospital for each groomed tooth decay and periodontal disease as a sneak unnoticed.

Unfortunately, most Ukrainian visiting the dentist only when, as they say, “pripech” ie sore tooth. It does not matter what’s newly appointed modern equipment with which to treat tooth is quick and painless. For people feared the drill and threatening manner dentist is still so strong that their health is not yet in the first place. Perhaps that is why very few people visit the dentist regularly. “It’s about 10% of my patients,” – says dentist private clinic Serhii Holubenko.

Subtle pests

The most common diseases that are caused by improper care of your teeth or even absence, the doctor called caries and its complications, periodontitis teeth, lesions of the mucous membranes of the mouth, darkening teeth.

In the early stages of these diseases can be stopped even if you change the diet, eat foods rich in vitamins, are those that hold salt of phosphorus and calcium (cheese, fish, peas, etc.). These are the most common dental disease can even cause problems of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders in the body.

Keep a smile from childhood

It is important to start taking care of your teeth since childhood. Usually teeth in children begin to cut the 6-7th month of life. Of course, you can immediately begin to clean baby first baby teeth brushing. In their treatment of plaque should be used gauze cloth or a cotton bud soaked in ordinary boiled water.

But the most important in caring for the growth of teeth in young children, as says the dentist Raisa Ponomarenko is proper nutrition. “With food – the doctor said – until the child gets plenty of essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, which is needed in order to grow strong teeth.” In the diet of the child should include plenty of fruits and vegetables. Here I have some questions: “Is it possible for children to eat chocolate, because parents often forbid it? And if it is so harmful, as they say? “This doctor said that eating chocolate is even necessary, because it also has nutrients. But children can eat sweets in small quantities and always after eating. Cookies or candy child should drink unsweetened tea, or after eating sweets give her to drink boiled water.

But drinking sweet juices dentist really not recommended and advised to replace them with natural juice. As for carbonated drinks that contain glucose, various dyes and carbon dioxide, they are especially harmful to teeth. And not just children. Therefore, if we simply can not drink them, after their use must rinse your mouth.

Start brushing your teeth cleaned children have when they are formed milk teeth. To do this, let’s brush with a special non-rigid bristles. Main thing – to learn how to use it. The problem is that parents often do not know how to properly brush their teeth. So we can offer you best:

1. Brush should be individualized, best dentist for advice. If you do not have time to go to the doctor and brush need tomorrow, consider the following tips: first of all, you should pay attention to the size of the brush head. It may seem strange, but the longer and wider bristles on the brush, the worse it removes plaque. The head of the brush should be short – about 2 cm

2. Brushing your teeth need a long time, at least 2-3 minutes.

3. Movement brush should be vertical, or plaque and food debris will creep into interdental spaces. The upper teeth should be cleaned from top to bottom, and bottom – bottom up. Do not push the brush – it should move freely, so as not to damage the enamel of the teeth and gums.

4. Brushing your teeth should be on both sides, ie, the front and rear.

5. Also, it is advisable not to forget the gums, cheeks and tongue, too, because there are germs.

Teaching a young child to brush their teeth first and only brush with toothpaste. In addition, parents should show your child how to do it correctly. Just making sure that the child has learned the necessary movements can put toothpaste on the brush, the number of whose parents also attend. Pasta does not fully cover the brush: a pea-sized amount will be enough, because now all the toothpaste, and children also have good foaming properties. The main objective of toothbrush and toothpaste – remove plaque and food debris from the teeth.

Rules of caring for your teeth

Remember that you need to brush your teeth twice a day – after breakfast and dinner. This is very important, but if the majority of the morning follows this rule, then in the evening – not always and not everyone. If during the day we drink tea, zhuyemo gum, eat an apple, and this to some extent cleanse the teeth from food debris is not brushing their teeth at night, we provoke the formation of the mouth of favorable conditions for bacterial growth.

Professional hygiene cleaning teeth is recommended every six months, and in some cases even more frequently (eg, heavy smokers or people who drink a lot of coffee).

Serhii Holubenko talks about two types of toothpaste: normal hygiene and health care. The former have only antibacterial effect protect our teeth from caries formation and other diseases of the teeth. Therapeutic and prophylactic pastes are indicated for the affected hard tissues of teeth and gums. The doctor also said that the care of your teeth play an important role aids, because the brush itself is not able to clear the whole mouth, especially the gaps between teeth. These means are: dental floss, mouth rinses for, various powders and gels.

Additional procedures

But if you want to have a healthy beautiful smile, one home care is not enough. Plaque, rocks, formed on the teeth, to remove, it is not always possible to do at home. You must contact the dentist who will examine, detect problems, prescribe treatment and prevention will help you choose individual tools and items for oral care, if necessary, will require treatment. Visiting the dentist to prevent themselves doctors recommend once or twice a year.

Recently, it became a popular teeth whitening. “Tooth color varies due to the formation of specifically stained plaque and food debris accumulation on the surface of the teeth, that is such a film with microbes that cover the surface of the tooth,” – says Raisa Ponomarenko. The doctor does not recommend bleaching fluids and chemicals that can make our teeth white, even contrary to the very nature because their teeth never really were white, they are usually a person from birth color is said to be ivory. The best way to remove this dark film, according to the doctor – a thorough brushing with special pastes that contain natural ingredients and minerals.

Have a healthy beautiful teeth – it is not difficult. Just do not be lazy to systematically take care of them, and in any case do not forget to smile, because every smile – this little miracle!

Yuliia Ponomarenko