10.12.2013 - News

Beautiful people have more successful career

Research data have shown that people with an attractive appearance often get a good job and move quickly through the ranks. 

British scientists published a paper in the journal Research in Social Stratification and Mobilitu, which contains information that people find interesting more challenging work than unattractive. These conclusions were based on a study which reflected information about the life of more than 4.5 thousand men and women where they studied and worked, what is their level of education, and social status of their parents. Independent experts have estimated how much each of them attractive 11-point scale. The researchers then obtained summarized scores and applied them to the data on the careers of the participants.

It turned out that beautiful people are more successful in their careers, and, ceteris paribus prestigious position they received. And with age, this trend does not change.

Scientists believe that such a result can have several causes: either employers seek to recruit people more attractive or beautiful people are more confident and therefore achieve great success.

Author: Olga Broskova
Source: dailymail.co.uk