08.11.2013 - News

Kusturica will sing on Khreschatyk

Serbian director Emir Kusturica and his band will perform on Khreschatyk November 9.

On the main street of Kiev will be held the final concert of the tour, ” We are one”, which is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Ukraine’s liberation from Nazi invaders.
On stage by a variety of popular groups, ” Chayf “, ” Braty Karamazovy”, “Rizni lyudy”, ” Pesnyary” and ” Sky”.  However, the main star of the program will be a team headed by famous Serbian film director Emir Kusturica called “No Smoking Orchestra”.

Permanent frontman Neil Karalich recently suffered a stroke. So for the first time as a solo act itself Kusturica.

Serbian team in Kiev for the first time and, by tradition, the cult director in Ukraine will visit his daughter, who lives in Paris. Together, they plan to visit Kiev Pechersk Lavra.

Author: Olga Broskova
Source: vesti.ua