07.11.2013 - News

London Taxi recognized as the best in the world

For the sixth consecutive year, the city’s famous black taxis were recognized as the best in the world according to a survey conducted by Hotels.com.

More than 2,500 voters from 30 countries participated in the annual global review of the taxi, leaving London 22% of votes, well ahead of New York (10%) and Tokyo (9%).

Completing the top five, Berlin came in fourth place with 5% of the vote, while taxis Madrid, Mexico City and Amsterdam share fifth, receiving 4%.

“Among the cities of 30 countries surveyed , London topped the list in five of the seven categories, including the level of purity (23%), knowledge of the area (27%) and quality of driving (30%),” – said Hotels.com.

Almost a quarter of respondents (23%) voted that safety is a priority in choosing a taxi, what “cabs” London also took the highest place.

New York yellow taxi received first-place check availability (23%).

New York and Bangkok taxi took first place in terms of price and quality (20%). Despite this recognition, the capital of Thailand could not get into the top five this year.

In terms of importance voters placed categories in the following order: security (23%), value (20%), knowledge of the area (17%), availability (14%), quality of driving (11%), purity (8%) and friendliness (7%).

Poll Hotels.com taxis also found that people tend to write SMS messages or e-mails while traveling in a taxi (19 %), sleep was the second most popular activities (15%), followed by a meal (10 %) and kissing (9%).

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source: edition.cnn.com