12.11.2013 - News

Persons with disabilities will be easier to travel to the U.S.

Travel with wheelchairs can become much easier thanks to a new government program to protect consumer rights.

The new rule will require that the websites of the airlines and the airport machines are accessible to persons with disabilities.

“Airlines and airports have not done their sites and machines accessible to people with disabilities,” – said last week in the Fast Lane , the official blog of U.S. Department of Transportation when the new rule was announced. All airlines have two years after the introduction of new rules to pages on their web site that will contain the main tourist information and services accessible to persons with disabilities.

In addition, the revised rules give airlines the opportunity to choose how to carry on board wheelchairs , folding : is in a separate compartment of new aircraft or bind them in a row of seats, making it possible to transport two wheelchairs in the cabin.

“To all the passengers during the flight should be treated fairly, regardless of disability they may have,” – said Transport Minister Anthony Foxx. – ” These new rules are based on our past achievements make our air transportation system accessible to all.”

In addition, under the new rules, at least 25 % of all automated kiosks at U.S. airports that offer services such as print boarding passes and luggage tags should be accessible to persons with disabilities. If the airport is not new machines, they should be open for 10 years, said in the department.

Also 180 days after the effective date of the rules ticketing agents will be required to offer web fares and discounts for customers who are unable to use sites due to disability. The Department noted that airlines are required to provide an equivalent service for customers who can not use are not tailored websites. They must also carry out an equivalent service for passengers with disabilities who can not use websites, even if they are compliant with the official availability.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source: forbes.com