13.10.2014 - News

Fans of comedy in Spain pay for laughter

Comedy Club in Barcelona has introduced a new ticketing system: visitors pay for your laughter.

In “Teatreno” small art club, found in the back of each seat unit that can keep track of how many visitors laugh.

If you laughed once, you pay € 0.30. The maximum value of the ticket reaches € 24.

Comedy club joined forces with advertising agency Cyranos McCann, to come up with a new strategy to increase revenue, after Spain had raised taxes on the theater, which led to a sharp drop in ticket sales.

Visitors took up the challenge and try not to laugh during the show to get a free ticket. However, the average ticket price increased by € 6 per person, which indicates that the majority can not refrain from laughing.

But critics warn that such a system would be popular only until new. But even so, this principle can be implemented in other places in Spain.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Sourse: telegraph.co.uk