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Love online. Is it worth it?

The Internet offers us many opportunities, including assistance in the formation of  personal life. And even if you have a pair, it is still something like a magnet, that makes you get stuck on a dating site. Especially because it’s so easy: fill out forms, place successful photos and wait for the “knights” and “princesses” who are ready to conquer your heart. Only one who has passed through all stages of relationships online – from a virtual “hello” to the real “I’ll see you tomorrow” can understand the advantages and disadvantages of online dating.

Few believe that the Internet can help to find friends, love, or create a serious relationship. Conversation with someone, even for a few years, does not give a complete picture of them. Usually, we form a final impression in the first five minutes of personal contact. Today there are many tools for singles on the internet – various chat rooms, forums, ICQ. Many already have profiles on social networks and online marriage agencies.

Why do people prefer to date online?

In any case, virtual life is no substitute for real, so when using the Internet should strive to spend time with benefits. When you sit at home in winter, you want something to occupy yourself. Indeed, the root cause of visits to online dating – a desire to have fun, when everything else is boring. First, each letter is a lot of excitement and joy. And Masha and Sasha and Dasha and Dima – you answer all of them. Then the number of friends increases, because clicking the “Add More” is easier than to meet in real life. The result is too many people, you forget who wrote what. And wiping out human from memory is much easier on the Internet than in real life. You can generally be removed from the site and no one will even notice.

People perceive the Internet as a game. And a chance to take out something really useful is very low. But most of this is not necessary, we sometimes have a lack from mindless conversation with a stranger. If you still want to find as many friends, is it not easier to approach each person on the street and get to know him? The chances of finding someone the same as via Internet.

International dating service – hopeless

Flirt and easy communication with the “Internet-boyfriend” is unlikely to turn into a romantic reality. Psychologists say that in most cases, the person does not correspond to the image depicted in the fantasies. Even if the partners have seen pictures of each other, the disappointment can occure. After all, people often show the best of your photos, publish only positive information about themselves – a kind of formal lie.

According  to results of the study, women often become frustrated, as they have a hot fantasy, often their wonderful prince of dreams are ordinary men with a bouquet of facilities and shortcomings.

To avoid disappointment, psychologists advise not to get involved in building relationships with friends from the network.

Online dating is unhealthy

Global distribution network has led to more and more people prefer to get to know each other, not getting up from a chair, and there is a large number of relevant sites. But when the West fashion making new friends through the World Wide Web began to decline, the Russian and Ukrainian networks are experiencing a real boom in online dates.

Indeed, the main disadvantage of virtual dating is the fact that corresponding with the person in the chat, you never know who he really is and what goals has. Therefore virtually impossible to detect a liar, a rapist or a swindler in a vast number of Internet users. There are many cases when a person is impersonating someone else for fun. For example, you communicate online with an attractive girl. In fact, she may be a man! In this case, it is clear that such a masking some nick are not just “for fun.” Do not forget about the loss of money from virtual visits. However, on the online dating many scammers openly demand from their naive interlocutors a fairly large amount.

Online dating is a common practice among those who are afraid of being rejected, say psychologists. After failure of the object of sympathy to meet in real life it can become for them a serious psychological trauma. Termination of correspondence is not perceived as painful. This means that in any model of Internet communication we should always be careful.

Not so bad!

Internet gives users a huge opportunity that did not exist before. Through the network people can expand the circle of friends with whom they have common interests. Over the years, dating becomes more difficult to find, and Internet is a unique opportunity to make friends with several dozens of different people, to communicate and to spend your time. There are a lot of good people in the Internet. They can learn about exchange rates, philosophical issues, art, science, and more. Of course, with smart people you’ll always have something to talk about and what to ask.

Internet can help. If someone urgently needs to find smth., just write it on your page, or sent over a letter asking someone to answer for sure – it is much more convenient than phone calls and personal meetings.

This is a treasure trove for single people and those who want to share their experiences with others. In virtual life shy ones are more candid, than in real. For example, in the questionnaire they honestly express the purpose of the communication, such as: “A married man, tired of family problems, looking for a married woman to communicate.” Teenagers in the Internet can confess their love to those who would never have said it in real life.

The main thing about dating sites – do not get caught on the hook of scammers. So often, infinitely rich, very beautiful, “not married”, sensitive companion put false information about themselves and their lives. Not a good stuff to be disappointed after a meeting with the “ideal”, yeah? So be careful with your own dreams!

Sabine Krezhenstovska