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«Mafia» in Ukraine

Twenty-first century brings more and more of a novelty. So much so that now stereotypically called «Mafia» members of the secret bandit groups. She also styled members of the same role-playing game «Mafia», which was recognized by the whole world, including Ukrainian.

Perhaps the word «mafia» in some still appear association with Italy and its thick-set man, mafia in long coats who smoke Cuban cigars. But many today, heard the word, immediately be referred to a group of people playing the «Mafia». «Game detectives» turned into a very serious toy that requires participants to logical thinking and psychological analysis of players.
Mafia charter
«The mafia has made its choice. City wakes up with…» – this is usually started the day in this pretty difficult game. The inhabitants of the city, and they are members of the game, wake up and begin to discuss who might be the murderer, that the Mafia that emerged in the territory of their city.
Who, really, is who? Before the game, leading, coordinating the actions of all the players and the process of the game, handing out cards. If the participant sees on the back of the cards received red (in the classic version of «Mafia»), he drops the role of honest citizen. Black – mafia. In the classic «Mafia» is also present Commissioner (Card – Red Ace), which learns the role of participants in the night phase of the game. The proliferation of «Mafia» all countries led to what desperate players began to introduce new roles to play. So, for example, was the physician who set himself the aim of honest citizens save lives and maniac trying to make the city was deserted. There are a large number of additional roles created fantasy players and determined by national characteristics. For example, the Japanese Yakuza mafia called, which is a real mafia – type organization in their country.
The «Mafia» there night and day phases. During the night go all «active» players (such as call those who are honest residents and has certain skills and extra night action). Mafia collectively chooses to kill the victim, the maniac thinks the night massacre, the doctor chooses the one who wants to save, and the Commissioner learns about the role of one of the participants. Instead of a night full phase comes when absolutely all the players wake up and begin to discuss who is who. And here are honest residents should show all his skills to expose dangerous for the city «subjects». After a group discussion during the day phase players chosen by open vote on who they think may be mafia. All the «go» coordinated by leading the game, which declares who and in what order should proceed until all other players «sleep» (turning a blind eye).
The game will continue for as long as one side of the city, one of the groups is not completely leave his wall. If the mafia manages to kill all honest citizens or stay in the majority, the victory on her side. If we are honest residents will be able to expose all of mafioso, the winning city.
Like in reality
Almost all the supporters of the «Mafia» argue that such an interest in this game there because it is based on some history and a roll character.
The history of this game is that in a calm and quiet city enters mafia gang. Honest residents believe this is for the reason that every morning they find dead people. And now every day people of the city come to the town square to discuss who could «hurt» of a party game. When residents reach agreement on a candidate mafia, then send it directly to the scaffold, where he was exposed to a deadly brown. Then all odds in the house and fall asleep. And here wakes mafia who decides who this time they should be «eliminated». Meanwhile Commissioner begins investigating the case, chymchykuyuchy night by one of the suspects and finding his true «self». A doctor using his faithful kits, trying to guess who to this day we must come back to save them from death.
Each participant of «Mafia», having the role of trying asmost flawlessly play to win in the end. After all of his skill may depend on the fate of the entire gameplay. Therefore, the background of the actual plot of the game and effective in any case, the role for each role has its own characteristics, participants «live» all the gameplay, which becomes a real exciting adventure.
«Mafia epidemic»
The forerunner of the modern «Mafia» was a game of «Killer», which appeared on the territory of Europe since the mid-twentieth century. The game was just a maniac, whose members were to expose and eliminate to win. But the concept is already familiar to us «Mafia» was first expounded student of psychology at Moscow State University named after Lomonosov Dmitry Davydov in 1986. Originally this game was the «epidemic» of dormitories and classrooms at Moscow University, but soon spread throughout Europe and then captured and expanse of the American continent.
Not just this game was created just psychology student and called psychological, as closely linked to human behavior. Much depends on how the party will behave in a given situation, what it will do, how react when other players provoke him and accuse in mafia. Given the role of the mafia, someone can openly nervous, involuntary movements do, try to avoid direct sight – and all this is due to the human psyche, which, as a riddle, you must decipher to understand whether mafia player. It is these psychological methods of investigation, in most cases, players are guided when argue against each other.
Huge tsunami popularity of this game, which caught the «mafia» around the world, led to expanding the boundaries of its performance. With the development of Internet and the globalization of the worldwide web, not surprisingly, but the «Mafia» instantly grabs the World Wide Web. Already in 1996 on the site of «Mensa» (an organization that connects people with the highest IQ in the world) there is first webpage «Mafia». Nowadays, people from all over the world began to play «Mafia» in many forums (text version mafia game with real host) and running (host is programmed web page that coordinates the course of the game).
International recognition of the game «Mafia» is also confirmed by the fact that the psychological role-playing game is recognized as one of «the 50 most historically and culturally significant games that appeared after 1800». Although it has been more than twenty-five years with the emergence of «Mafia», but it is still in good faith every night looking for a victim in every city on the planet.
Who is who?
Apparently, all supporters of the game «Mafia» is simply impossible to calculate. Almost everyone who has ever tried to play this game, it became an avid fan. But the reasons for each may be different, as the whole approach to the game.
Web-designer Olena, 26-years old:
Mafia game special for me. I met her on the forum, but a real option took me no less than virtual.
First, it is really a psychological game. You learn to «read» through facial expressions, gestures, voice, opens many new features in, posed would be familiar to you people. You see the different tactics of behavior, try to distinguish truth from falsehood. It is at least interesting. A more useful.
Secondly, the game is extremely fun. All civilians sitting with eyes closed, listen to the slightest movement, someone inserts a witty remark, and chaos begins to laugh, suspicions, mutual accusations and humorous guesses.
Thirdly, the game really makes you think and analyze. It is necessary to take into account previous events, draw conclusions, and correlate word versions of various players. In «real life» usually mafia comes very emotional and intense game.
So I definitely advise you to play at least once in the Mafia – and then you become a fan of this brilliant fun.
Psychologist Marharyta, 28-years old:
Played only once and several times was leading. Unfortunately, I do not know how well masked my emotions and facial grimaces when I issued immediately. And the city has sent me to the scaffold, where I knew death as mobs. But nothing like «Mafia» does not capture people. This I can say with confidence.
I, as a psychologist, it was fun just to watch the progress of the game and the reaction of the members of this fun. Was possible to clearly identify who both behave in a certain role-position. And, to my surprise, the master of «Mafia» really easily exposed participants simply for their «suspicious» facial expressions. So we can say that people have learned through this game, read the personality that has an interesting fact for me.
Also captures and strength of this game that unites people with a huge amount of different types of characters and world view. They are one city in the «Mafia».
2-nd year student Magistrate Kyiv National University of Taras Shevchenko, Anna, 25-years old:
It is necessary to distinguish the club mafia – other requirements for players other rules. Do you have usually 2 minutes for general discussion and 30 seconds on the expression of opinion in the voting. For compliance clearly followed. The game runs on a fundamentally different level: moves are calculated in advance logic controls solutions. With the usual salon fun club mafia has become a strategy where easily substituted to achieve their goal – victory.
It is this dynamic, role-gap between life and death, on the edge of which you’re standing always catch me completely. And the «Mafia» in this simply has no equal. You come up with such a passion for the game that do not need all that any casino in Las-Vegas.

Ihor Myslovskyi