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Magic of Feng-Shui

Long dream to become successful, but did you not go? Someone I love does not appear on your life’s journey? Persistence in work does not bring significant revenue? And all this is due to only one thing: do not live in Feng Shui.

First principle
«Wind» and «water» – a translation of a word «feng-shui» with the Chinese. It is the science of harmony between man and the universe. Some scholars interpret the concept differently: applied science, theory of mysterious metaphysical forces. But most of Feng-Shui reveals how the art of management and location of things around the person to improve his life.
Confucius considered the founder of the science. He believed that there is a force in the world – Qi, linking humanity with the environment. It is translated as «spirit», «energy», «breathing space».
The wisdom of ancient science is not only in the placement of things in the apartment, but the very building, home, at work, in the court and all other places where you usually are. If you do decide to try to live by Feng-Shui, then be sure to follow all the rules, because even if you just kind of area will strengthen, not the fact that it will act. And the reason is that at the same time you do not comply with certain rules.
Areas of Feng-Shui at home
Feng-Shui your home has several sectors: health, family, wealth, love, knowledge, career and more. To activate a zone, you must first know where it is.
Careers – North. Glory and self-realization – in the south. Children and Creativity – west, and family and I care – east. Sector assistants and travel – west direction and wisdom and knowledge – northeast. In the south-west – love and marriage, and on the southeast – wealth.
Zones can be defined using a compass or draw a diagram on a sheet and put it on the plan of the house.
Worth to know
It is forbidden to keep old, unwanted, broken things. Things keep negative energy, which leads to disputes and deprivation success.
After the plumbing in our apartment goes all good energy, money and luck. Therefore, we must see to it that the pipes are not leaking.
Do not place a mirror in front of the door and the bed. In the first case, this would lead to the withdrawal of all the good that comes through the door into the house, and the second – to unfaithful partners.
Above the door you can not place a clock, wind chime. Similar things over the doorways are the cause of many failures.
The house must be in order.
In the room you can not sleep, that they plant Misgurnus, aquariums with fish and cages of birds. They take energy to a person who is sleeping.
If you believe in the evil eye, it will protect your round or octagonal mirror above the door. It will reflect the negative energy of people who will come to visit and will return to its owner.
Near the top manufacturers, especially those which are asleep, must not be an empty space, only support. After all, it guarantees difficult life situations.
If you have a window opposite the door, the energy coming out of the house. Help in this case, the flowers on the windowsill. They should be high with large round leaves, such as ficus.
Choose furniture with rounded corners and book cabinets with doors.
There should be no blank walls. They can hang pictures, lamps, pictures and more.
You can not combine the kitchen and living room. As in the living room collects all the luck, while combining it with a kitchen it may disappear altogether.
Clean up required when the moon is already falling. Garbage should not sweep aside the front door (not sweep the house of luck), and toward the kitchen.
Be very careful with placement hours. In the bedroom the most – a small alarm clock. Also, do not put it so that it is visible when entering the house. Approved it in the nursery, because it helps children to be aware of the transience of time. The living room, kitchen and office clock can also be.
You’re not rich? Then we go to you
Elements of this sector is a tree, and colors – purple and green, and sometimes use purple and gold.
Financial success you provide doors that are located on the part of the southeast. In addition, it is necessary that they be made , or at least decorated with wood paneling.
A symbol of wealth is fish. It is desirable that it was golden brown, which also will make your dreams come true. This role and turtles, live, and its statues, which must be made of natural materials.
The most common mascot – Hotei. In addition, it provides material prosperity, a figure helps with happiness, joy, comfort. And they say if three hundred times Hotei pat on the stomach, it will make your dream that you are currently zahadaly. All desires are realized in it are in a bag thrown over his shoulder.
In the area of money necessary to have an aquarium or ornamental fountain. In the extreme case – post here a picture which depicts any water or aquarium with goldfish.
Plants with leaves round shape will draw attention to your finances. Their growth will be identified with increasing your wealth. In this role you will approach a plant called the money tree, which is quite unpretentious in nursing.
The mirror must be placed so that it could see your dining table. Dishes that it will, through the mirror double that the lure of money.
To increase revenues, leave on a windowsill few iron coins adorned with red ribbons and put on the table a round vase silver color with red flowers in it.
Good luck you in love
Feng-Shui is used to attract love through various rules and regulations that promote the referral of love in your life.
A powerful talisman of love is a painting in which painted peony. It is best to place a picture in front of the bedroom.
In the area of love should be placed even things: candlesticks, pillows, twin statues. As for the pictures, it can be an image wisteria, roses. There is a symbol of love Fairy Moon – goddess of love, happiness and fertility. His presence she blesses all who are in the house.
On a stand beside the bed lay a thing to like your future other half, for example, a woman may choose as a subject of men’s magazines. Also in the house should be the future partner extra toothbrush free hangers in the closet, a place for his/her shoes.
If you set up dramatically, you can paint one wall of this zone in the red that the abundance of yang energy of the room.
In the bedroom there should be water images water, flowers, electronics.
Bed should be double, and, in your pillow, it should be another.
On the bedding should not be images of plants, the leaves of which has the form of arrows. After all, this bed will bring unhappiness in love. It is bad enough when the zone is love in your home falls on the toilet.
And in your mind you need to keep an image with full details of your ideal.
Of course, you can easily disown ancient art and say it’s all quackery and another tribute to fashion. But it’s hard to believe that thousands of years of Chinese wise fool each other using different sets of rules. Do follow this ancient Chinese half-science – half-magic – you decide. Eastern proverb says: «The most important thing – a lot, the second – good luck, and others – Feng-Shui, the fourth – charity, and the fifth – education».
Comment from specialist Tetiana (Feng-Shui Studio «Blahopoluchnyi dom»):
More and more people are drawn to experts Feng-Shui to improve their lives. Did they like, if the result would be negative? Of course, as we would quickly lose all customers. You can talk about self-hypnosis people, but whether it would have worked 100%?
What does Feng-Shui? Of course! When one begins to live by the rules of this ancient science of life changes, sometimes dramatically. Want to tell a coincidence? Not at all! Check it out and you will see this. Not enough money – put a frog figurine under a chair or sofa in front of the door of love is hard – free your pictures and other images that only one woman. And as with all things that are present in your life. Feng Shui is an art – which confirmed its authority millennial experience.

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