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Make-up as it is and a little history

Translated from the French word “make” means “to adorn themselves.” For years he was seen as a kind of mystery that only happens behind the scenes as art, created only to a narrow circle of the elect – movie stars, stage and podium. But, after all, not gods pots fired. It would be a desire, but it usually is, and any woman can master the art of being beautiful.

In search of harmony

The world of make-up side-by-side walks of the fashion world. Happiness – in harmony. And depending on what style controls the ball on the streets and runways, born and main style of makeup. As artists, makeup artist does not have to be bored – they are constantly developing new collections.

However, their efforts are often futile. Because many women are very conservative in their preferences and for many years every morning as a ritual impose the same makeup. They do not really think about that and it is changing the fashion that makeup depends on the season and time of day, and most importantly – from its purpose. If they ask for advice, we are usually not for professional makeup artists and sellers of perfume and cosmetics departments are not always able to properly advise them.

Is not it better to make time and visit the beauty salon? That would help you find exactly your makeup. For example, using modern video equipment. There it is. Two of your pictures are projected. One of them remained intact, the other adjusting special pencil, matching makeup to your face. And now, as they say, feel the difference! Already have felt awful and you wanted to make your rich inner world match your look? So navazhuytesya and remember that you are young and talented, and that you have such decorative cosmetics that are in your predecessors hint was not …

O times, O mores!

How often fashion past centuries seems ridiculous anachronism. Until such time as a new stage of development does not return to us again. And we do not laugh, but enthusiastically try on themselves well forgotten old. Let us make a small digression is in the past.

Art of Beauty has over 5000 years of its existence. The first lipstick, for example, was found by archaeologists in caves ice age. The composition of lipstick, by the way, is not much different from the structure of modern designs – a mixture of fat and dyes are generally bright and vivid colors.

Production of cosmetics in a big way first to the Egyptians. Egyptian summed eyes dark paint, tinted eyelids in turquoise color (in the course was a mixture of green copper and lead ore), lips and cheeks pidrum’yanyuvaly powder of red clay and hands, feet and nails on hands and feet with henna tinted pink. And today is admired by archaeologists found in a burial bust of Egyptian queen Nefertiti. However, experts say, its elongated eyes, eyebrows, and delicately delineated mouth – nothing as a result skillfully and professionally imposed makeup. By the way, this technique make-up (eye extending through the so-called shooter – dark lines deposited along the eyelid toward the temple) survived until today.

Widely used makeup and ancient Greek beauty. They blackened with soot eyelashes, consolidating results with a mixture of egg white with light resin, and her lips and cheeks rum’yanyly minium. From the Greeks we owe and the appearance of white powder on the basis of lead. Tolstoy layer superimposed on the face, it gave man languid and mysterious look, while concealing the effects of skin diseases.

Unlike the Egyptian and Grechanok of Rome did not attach much importance to summarizing the eyes, but with white and blush never left the house. A woman who does not use make-up, was a “black sheep” exception to the rule. In powder, blush and cream that included lanolin, patrician to longer maintain the beauty, using milk, cream and milk products. It is in ancient Rome was the first cosmetics combined with total body care.

Peculiar ideas of beauty are in the eastern nations. Indian, for instance, black paint tinted eyelashes and eyebrows, gilded lips, and teeth covered with brown paint. A Japanese woman completely shaved eyebrows, drawing in their place two thin black ink dash, which, in their opinion, meet the perfect eyebrows, teeth are covered with black lacquer. The kit makeup oriental beauties included seven decorative means: henna, Basma, white, blush, antimony Artificial flies, paint nails and aromatic blend.

Progenitor European cosmetics is considered France. Special bloom cosmetics are made in the XVIII century. Much attention was paid to summarizing eye (on the lower eyelid applied blush, because it was thought that this adds a look of fire) and coloring eyelashes, but the main emphasis was on bleaching entire face. Linen was to be uneven: the forehead – lighter, to the temples – darker, with some shade of blue, and white around the mouth had cast yellow alabaster. In addition, the blue paint was supposed thread veins on the face, shoulders, chest. All this was more shade linen face. In addition, widely used in various fly – artificial moles. Their location is not allowed any chance: there was even a treatise on the location of flies in the face of a Lady with a precise indication of their size and shape.

In Russia women have mastered flies, perfumes and cosmetics at the time of Peter I. Whitewash, antimony and blush are mainly imported. But this does not mean that our women did not have their own recipes for beauty. For example, to whiten the face they used benzoic resin infusion or simply washed yogurt. Village girl tinted cheeks beet juice, and eyebrows summed charcoal.

The ups and downs of art makeup

Severe moralists have sought to deny women use cosmetics. Especially its famous for their British opponents. In the middle of the XVIII century British Parliament even issued special laws against “miracle potion”. According to him, all the ladies who use such means were declared witches and subject to punishment, and marriages with them, torn. In the Victorian era woman in makeup witch is not considered, but the sidelong glances received as painted eyes and lips, in the opinion of the Puritans, does not fit a real lady.

Daughter Victoria, Queen Alexandra, in contrast svekrusi court ordered her to use makeup. Pale as chalk face, cheeks toasty, dark eyelids, bright lips, platinum-golden hair. It is such a beautiful woman dressed in the court of Alexandra, has no qualms public tastes.

This woman of fashion until the late 60s of last century did not leave the house without lipstick. Here, the emphasis shifted to the eyes. Black mascara, imposed in three layers, bright shade, painted lower lashes made huge eyes. Lips are tinted while faded pastel pink tones.

In the 70-ies of XX century hippie movement breathed life into a new direction, which is calling “back to nature” and many women refused to cosmetics, though not for long.

80s of XX century gave rise to a boom in cosmetic products, created on a natural basis. Cucumber, avocado, lemon and strawberries topped a list of fruit and vegetable cosmetic raw materials. And continue to lead, adding to their number more new plants, fruits and vegetables that help women over the years to remain beautiful and young.

Typically, a woman feels good when good looks, and it looks good when caring for them. Smooth skin, perfect hair, perfect make-up chosen. And now, you are in full combat readiness, the queen of our days, lovely lady of the century. I wonder what it will be in the history of cosmetics? ..

Petrenko Viktoriia