10.12.2014 - News

Maggie Daley Park opened in Chicago

After the construction of two years opened the first Saturday of the long-awaited Maggie Daley Park.

City officials touted a new park, which greatly expanded the existing parkland Grant Park in Chicago. They believe that the new park will attract more visitors to the different categories. Maggie Daley Park was the original complement to Milenium- Park, which opened next ten years ago.

Bob O’Neill, president of security and Advisory Board Grant Park, said: “This is indeed a charming locality. People from all over Chicago, the entire country and the world will be coming back. This park is phenomenal and much better than what was previously in place. “

The new park will be a skating rink, a length of about 400 meters, which both can be up to 700 people. This is expected that this park is a favorite winter holiday. People will slide between rocks and evergreen trees.

Currently, visitors can only imagine what the park in the future. While much of the park resembles a building site. In addition, trees and other plants have not grown, so long as there is no those green areas that promised officials when presenting the project.

In fact, most of the park will still fenced and closed by the spring, the expected completion. Maggie Daley Park with a total area of 25 acres, is named after the late wife of former Mayor Richard Daley. The cost of the work was about 55 million dollars.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Sourse: chicagotribune.com