26.10.2014 - Здоров'я

Fine motor skills for a great reason

With each passing year it becomes more and more children in need of speech therapy. There is a trend of increasing age bracket: now the children do not speak only in 3-4 years, but at 7-8.

Information Age, busy parents, and introduce into the family of “members” as games on the tablet, phone, computer, cartoons on TV. All of them have their own share of cognitive function for which parents allegedly give her children these things, but, unfortunately, do not always use their children for the sake of it. After all, buying a tablet for children whose parents are not all 24 hours of sitting of children and watch as they solve puzzles and learn new words. Tablets – is something that parents leave their children to the extra hour of rest, and then go to work to earn money for new devices “development.” They want the best, but not always so obtained. The problem of “bad” children in terms of their language, there is just the development of information technology in modern society. So often in the past century, the role of father, teacher and the main source of communications refocused on soulless metal construction, and the child is not particularly demanding poems tell about a Christmas tree or grandmother in the country. The child sits, plays and silent, and parents think, is developing.

In the problem of communication between fathers and children, establishing child language and the full development of the child from the youngest years will help us to understand the teacher-speech therapist Tetiana Vovk. Here’s what it says.

To date, speech therapy is developing quite rapidly over the past decade. Recently held many different studies, monitoring in psychology, linguistics and medicine, which allegedly gave teachers new ways of dealing with certain problems. Especially in complex forms of pathologies language: aphasia, general underdevelopment of speech, dysarthria. There are many children, who have impaired vision, hearing, musculoskeletal, etc., and to help right now, this area strongly investigated. It becomes most noticeable speech therapy relationship with medicine and psychiatry.

It is important to understand that the development of the child’s speech apparatus begins at birth, which in turn requires the timely diagnosis of problems if they arise. Quite a few parents pay attention to it and think that everything will pass by itself, that, say, a child goes to school and she has a priori everything will fall into place. What about those 6-7 years, she stays at home and in theory should be developed not only through my grandmother’s dumplings, but parental care in its pronunciation, social adaptation. Since the birth parents should pay attention to the child in the development of fine motor skills, sing their songs, the children also sang poems they read (they develop a sense of rhythm). The fact that all these “potishky” (soroka-biloboka porridge cooked, Koza-dereza) provide a rhythmic foundation. It is very good for the development of language. Now parents vtuplyat child in television, cartoons Turn them and think that nothing more is needed. It would seem that in the information age, everyone has the opportunity to go to check out, but they do not. Few parents realize that the fine motor skills important for development of a great mind for the future.

The three pillars on which rests a good child’s speech

First, important games of fingers is when you get there they bend, unbend, the music, in poems. This kind of finger exercises are also fun with toys and various objects (such as a button decomposition, beans, sticks, stringing beads, playing with mosaic). It is necessary to focus on the development of a child’s creative endeavors: painting pictures, shading, modeling clay or plasticine and, of course, loved the children watercolor and gouache. Especially popular with parents and children recently enjoyed turning to “environmental fine motor skills,” is when the different seasons kids gather in the fields and forests of fruit, twigs, leaves and make this works. It is important intimacy with nature, it will give spiritual harmony.

Important role in shaping language plays articulation of work. It should be clear and precise, or the child simply oiled says in her mouth “mess.” There are different exercises: for jaw lip tongue. Tongue wrapped into a tube, horse, Mushroom. In fact, even if your child does not go to school and not yet in school, you can just once to consult a speech therapist and then watch millions of different video lessons online.

Third breath. It is necessary to achieve strong language exhalation to language was loud and clear. These exercises such as “blow in cotton wool.” Children still “blizzard in a bottle” like, for example.

You know, really important basic human element to the parents spoke to the child, she paid attention and realized that its development – it’s not just “school/kindergarten”, but the atmosphere in the family, which is typical for their children’s everyday life. At preschool age the importance of a million percent require diagnosis language in all children (I stress repeatedly).

The effect of removing all language disorders in children will be more successful if the level of speech therapy as a science will evolve rapidly. Plus a lot of this depends also from the teacher, teacher-speech therapist. Not all young people today tends to go teach, most speech therapists at the age, and all novelties in our area did not immediately follow. Extensive orientation not only in domestic but also in overseas achievements always affects the professionalism of teachers.

All our earliest knowledge of the world, character, tastes, preferences and interests are laid in childhood, and the significant role it plays in the same pronunciation. Environment should help children from the earliest years to form correct, precise pronunciation. Express their views and to participate in conversations. For children it is important to pay attention to them, and they felt kind of factor presence itself in the lives of others. If the child will feel around the right and well-formed language, so will its pronunciation – cell sample follow. Later, a team of peers in language may have defects (in any random group they are different), which sometimes lead to ridicule from peers, the child may begin to retreat into yourself, meet two or three words, and not to participate in any conversations.

The main goal of parents and speech therapists is to correct the child’s speech and prevent problems in this area. It is important to integrate the child into the process of development, provide information not dry as well as a variety of games, exercises and interactive tasks. This integration should begin as soon as possible, and in the preschool and early school age, the process of participation of people such as parents and speech therapists (if applicable) should be particularly high.

Alla Vovk