07.10.2013 - News

Fashion for cats “haute couture”

In New York, took fifth anniversary festival fashion pet Kitty CATure Fashion Show. This year the organizers have decided to diversify and allowed him to take part in the show dogs.

On the podium were presented a variety of suits, outerwear, headwear, accessories for pets.

The four-legged models have demonstrated the collection of Ada Nieves and Catherine Golden. This year’s show was held at the initiative of the International Cat Association and the American Kennel Club.

Leading the event was a cat named Poet . The participants were not only beautiful and fashionable, but also obedient. For example, pets Ada Nieves, Chihuahua manhattan and Mojitos, proudly wore a creation of his mistress.

Designers Ada Nieves and Catherine Golden insist that the animal does not need to wear a dress to make when a pet that does not want to.

Autor: Olha Tsetsevych
Source: thedailybeast.com