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«Can be alien mountains as good…»

We learned that places are most popular among tourists in the Carpathian Mountains in the summer, and how best to organize the mountain of warm holiday season. Moreover, in the summer you can relax twice cheaper than in winter.

In the summer we used to relax by the sea. What can be better than ten days, lie on the beach, soak up the sun and popleskatysya in water? Perhaps for a change is necessary to replace burned beach mountain meadows, scorching sun on a cool breeze, the sea and the park on steep mountain stream? Those who dare to spend your holiday is not, as usual, hospitality await Ukrainian Carpathians. Where, if not among the mountain silence can truly relax? But for that you have brought on the trip, in addition to courage, and even a bunch of impressions and photographs, we offer five places that are definitely worth a visit while in the Carpathians.


The town Yaremche located in the mountains in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. It is known lowland village resort center, recreation Carpathians. The city is surrounded by mountains. In the north they go up into the hills covered with dense coniferous and deciduous forests. In Yaremche large number of resorts, particularly for patients with tuberculosis.

At the time, the movement is actively unfolded Robin. First the rebels appeared in Yaremche at the end of XVII-th century. And the beginning of XVIII-th significant population belonged to this movement. Often Yaremcha been himself the leader Olexa Dovbush. Here lived his sister was born here and his nephew Paul Orfenyuk, who also belonged to Robin.

As for the interesting Yaremche draws attention to one of Europe’s largest railway arch bridges. It was designed by architects Stanislav Kosinski and Sigmund Sharik the theory of elastic arches based on the research of the Austrian Society of Engineers at Vienna. During the Second World War in 1944, the arch bridge was destroyed and then rebuilt again.

Of great importance in the tourism industry plays a souvenir market in Yaremche. It sells a large number of objects and folk art: Eggs, cut, inlaid wooden vases, saucers, spoons, boxes, various pottery, embroidered and woven shirts, towels, rugs, blankets, beads, leather, metal. Although the prices here and bite, but among the Carpathian tourists this market – the most popular place to shop for souvenirs.

Yaremche, as in many cities the Carpathian, you can visit a large number of churches, but, interestingly, in Yaremche each of them – a true work of art. In particular, the offer tourists to visit: Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Church of St. John the Merciful of the bell tower, the church of the Holy Prophet Elias, The Miracle of the Archangel Michael.

Among the natural wonders in Yaremcha worth visiting Manyavsky, Trufanetskyy, Dzhurinsky waterfall, waterfall “Huk”, “breakdown”, “Maiden’s Tears”, “Zhonka” Yaremchanskiy canyon and pass Pereslop. There are also miracles are created by people. In particular, an interesting wooden restaurant “Hutsulshchyna” nearby souvenir market. It is noteworthy that built without a single nail.

Rocks of Dovbush

Rocks of Dovbush is a group of remnants of the cliffs,80 metershigh, located near the village Bubnyshche. Locals called these rocks after leader Robin Dovbusha Oleksy, who according to legend, hid here from attackers.

Archaeological excavations indicate that in the twentieth and seventeenth centuries BC there were pagan shrine. After the spread of Christianity in the second millennium BC there appeared skit small size, then – Guard Fortress. On it is mentioned in the “Lay.” This is the same building in which Jaroslav Osmomysl “propped Hungarian mountains.”

Also Dovbush interest and active recreation. In particular, there is a large number of climbing routes of varying difficulty and often hosts competitions on climbing.

Chyvchyny mountains

It is a mountain range in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Chyvchyny act as Ukraine-Romanian border. The highest peak – Mount Chyvchyn. Its height is1769 metersabove sea level. Chyvchyny remote from major population centers, but located near the state border. These mountains are barely inhabited, they remained untouched beech and fir forests.

Chyvchyny unusual for the mountains Carpathians. They formed long ago, in the Paleozoic era. Mountains consist of metamorphosed crystalline rocks – schists, gneisses, etc.. Landscapes Chyvchyn very similar to alpine. The highest peaks reach1900 meters.

Because of the nature Chyvchyny favorable for mountain tourism, which is also involved each year.


Gorgan is a system of mountain ranges in the outer zone of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The length of the spine –75 km, width – about40 miles.

The name “Gorgan” comes from the name of the stone mounds, which are called “Gorgan”. The highest peak of the array – Mount Syvulya. Its height is1836 meters. Because of Gorgan are known wild Carpathian hiking trails.

In the most inaccessible part of Gorgan – Dovbusheva – is a nature reserve, which was created in 1996 to protect European pine. Among the endemic species there are also: sailing Carpathian, basil Maramures and the Carpathians, Carpathian cloves.

Among the animals are known: red deer, roe deer, wild boar wild squirrel usual, hare, brown bear, fox, lynx plain, river otter, ferret normal, European mink, martens, woodpeckers, flycatchers, bullfinch.

Gorgan is a real gem of a lake Synevyr.


This lake is the largest and most famous in the Carpathians. It is located at an altitude of nearly a thousand meters above sea level. The lake is rich in trout and crayfish. The fish catch is forbidden, but cancers – possible.

The people there is a legend about the origin of the lake. Once upon a time the mountain belonged to a rich graph. He had a daughter of great beauty – Syn. Woman named so because her eyes were bluer than the sky.

Once the Count had taken her daughter to the mountains, where she met a shepherd Vyr. Whirlpool played the flute and the music charmed girl. Syn began to shepherd often come to hear him play, and then the young people in love with each other. When Father of Syn learned of this, he forbade them to meet. But Syn and Vyr not live without each other. Then Earl ordered his men to kill the guy, and he dropped a stone from a high cliff.

When Syn learned of this, she ran to the place where the stone fell, hugged him and cried until her tears were not the lake. The lake water was so clear, as the eyes of the Syn, and in the middle you can see the top of the stone that killed Vyr. People say that if young people will learn and love each other in Synevyr – they expect a strong alliance.

Olena Berezhniuk