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Mustafa Naiiem: «Journalist is fed by feet»

It is impossible to entangle Mustafa Naiiem with someone. This political journalist is memorized by not only bright appearance, but also in general by the special image. During an interview to Naiiem called by phone one times from five, and colleagues are from «Ukrainska pravda», where, actually, and our conversation passed, he was distracted constantly. He politely begged pardon and continued interviews that he, as it turned out later, gives reluctantly. In an interview for «Telekrytyka» Mustafa Naiiem explained to it that a journalist must put correct questions, but not fact, that he will be able to give right answers. Mustafa is a new brand in Ukrainian journalism. He always provokes scandals and sensations. In the end, this journalist is a man-riddle that we tried to unriddle in this interview.

You got education in NTUU «KPI». Did you use knowledge that you got there in life?

In actual fact to say, that they may need in practice, I did not can. Some statistical knowledge, calculations – maybe, but does not consider that for this purpose it was necessary to study in KPI. On the other hand, technical education gave an opportunity to analyse all system. And from this point of view, think, something was put aside however.

Did you feel once shortage of journalistic education?

No, because I do not consider that such education is in general. The most part of journalists did not end profile university. However there are examples, when people that have such education arrive at heights. Therefore to say, that some conformity to law is, does not can. Simply, journalism is not science. How to study her? The same is not philology and not history. I consider that anymore depends on lines and individual features of man, but not from that education that she got.

And what lines must a good journalist have?

Mainly is curiosity, and all other will be added. Also there must be a desire to tell that know. And to it there must be such to the soba permanent train.

In an interview you declared «Telekrytyka», that very are afraid to lose curiosity to the work. Two years passed. For you and do eyes burn until now?

I can not say, that curiosity disappeared for me. Earlier I was interested in facts, now tendencies. Maybe, it’s personal  or professional change. Such to the soba the personal deformation.

Was it first difficult you in political journalism?

Can not say, that it was difficult for me. There was not such, that simply decided «here now will engage in political journalism». Folded so, that I had appeared in a newspaper and begun to work.

And to write was it difficult?

No. At school we all wrote works, and I always wrote something for itself. It was difficult to understand that it such in general and what it is needed for. Understanding came not at once

What first was aim of your work?

This was simply work on that I made money and that was to me very interesting. Here and all.

Toby did grafts offer some time?

Certainly, offered.

Did you refuse?

Yes, always.

And difficult was it you to refuse?

No, not difficult. At that time, when offered yet, it was not to it. It was so interestingly, you broke somewhere. Now does not offer already. Question whether it is «difficult or not difficult» never arose up for me. Such it was not, that me a graft was offered to, but I thought long, suffered. It is always unpleasant in actual fact.

And what most sum you was it offered to?

When you begin to talk about them, it already trade. Therefore a sum nobody pronounced. There were cases, when on something hinted. But to say, that gave up million dollars, I do not can.

For you is work only the means of earning of money?

Now it is my only means of earnings. But my profession gives all money that is needed not always. Terms today such, that it is difficult to find some deserving work that she provided you fully. But even if it was desirable, there is not time on something other, to earn. On the right in that even if are out of pocket, you must work, not fall off from events. Because if it will happen, you will lose feeling of time and not able adequately to light up an event. I had a period, when I did not earn money, but must work. Walked in Rada, intermingled with people, met with experts.

Did you once begin to think of that, or not to return on the theatrical stage (Mustafa Naiiem played the «Black square» theatre – tonics. Otiumportal)?

Never. It was not professionally, this was a hobby.

Yet before you played the jambs. Did this fascination pass too?

Yes. Presumably, I already now and will remember nothing.

Where can you be met except work?

At home. I in general small where walk. It firstly. And secondly, I at work, then at home, sometimes I can with a wife somewhere to go or to the friends. But to say, that I hang out, walk somewhere, I can’t.

But didn’t you talk about curiosity to life?

Simply for a day there is so much information!.. You read constantly, use internet. Work is such, you are interested in not only politics but also other spheres. Will not say, that to me boring and there is nothing to do. There simply are not time and desire. Maybe, it is not to whom to draw out me somewhere. But, if there is something interesting, can go. By the way, on a concert I was very a long ago. Id est I am better to be at a home. I am such homester in actual fact.

Why before did you walk for to the clubs and wrote, that spent all money there, that earned?

It was, when I studied in a theatre, and then there was other. However in life there is a requirement in information, new emotions, certain impressions. Then there was such. I intermingled with very interesting people from other sphere – by musicians, actors, stage-directors.

Before you it is said that dream about that competitors that would breathe in a back appeared for you. How do you consider, they appeared already?

Under competitors I understood people that would work in the same genre. I can say, that some people appeared, but now and circumstances in a country, and atmosphere does not assist appearance of new shots in this industry. However many journalists appeared in regions. And it very makes happy. Id est wherein yet it is somehow possible to work, there are people that do it. For example, in Lviv, Donetsk. In Kyiv they are too, but here high-slay of mass-media and competition between them. Therefore when something new appears, to notice it is impossible at once.

That to do to the journalists-beginners, if now such large competition?

To work. If journalists much, then it does not mean that all of them are good, everybody can not choose to the soba theme and it is not more prospect. If to open newspapers, it is possible to see that in them write on identical themes, however one does it professionally, and other – no. Therefore weeds for work enormous.

For journalists really reckless rate of life. Toby is not it difficult physically, psychologically?

To it get used. All work. As yet I do not see an alternative. A journalist is always fed by feet is a true. Does not understand a man that does not communicate, it is difficult to be a journalist. Very had people that can be journalists and here not to work so much. I not such. As yet it will be me to work hard.

And that will you advise journalists-beginners?

To take interest and not to be afraid – it is the main advice. Not to be afraid doesn’t mean someone certain: a journalist must take boldness to express the opinions. It is necessary also to read about events, communicate with people and to work a lot.

Interviewed by Anita Prasad