05.11.2014 - News

Museum of World War II opened in Postavy

The museum exhibition devoted to the First World War, the palace was opened Tyzenhauzen in the Belarusian town was.

History Postavy closely associated with the First World War. The city was on the front lines for almost three years. All exhibits are on display gave the History Museum.
The exhibition consists of four parts. The first room provides general information about the war, the second German trenches are shown in the third – Russian trenches. The last room is the symbolic name of “life and death”.
Among the presented pieces – fragments of the original German barbed wire to wooden posts, ammunition, glass flasks, and bottles of cleaning liquid gas masks.
The fourth part of the exhibition demonstrates that the war was closely associated with everyday life. Visitors show passports, the German authorities to let residents Lyntupy. It is noteworthy that the documents contain not only information about the owner and his image, but also fingerprints. The exhibition also includes all kinds of things left behind by soldiers, horses, bottles of beer, boxes of chocolates, cigarettes, cans and so on.
Author: Anastasia Trepyton
Sources: travelandtourworld.com