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We are what we eat, or How should eat

Often we do not begin to think of what feed on. That and to talk about young people in that often quite there is not a choice – to eat that or other. Reason of that the young generation does not care of valuable feed is both limit nature in time or money and elementary laziness. Unfortunately, infusing into off-grade «petrol» in the organism, we do not displace attention on that, how our «machine» will work. And consequences can be sufficiently sad.

Student years, presumably, are one of the brightest in life of everybody. It is time, when you already as though and not child, but yet not so adult, to settle serious problems. Live to the soba carelessly from a session to the session, search entertainments, eat anything… Exactly a meal is an extraordinarily sharp theme in student circles. Songs are dedicated her, heap of pages of discussions in social networks, enormous amount of jokes. And in every joke, as known, there is part of true.  This situation is especially actual for those, who gets in a dormitory. These poor guys will forget the aromas of home food. During next four (at least) years of conversation with a grandmother / by a grand-dad / an aunt / an uncle will be begun with one question: «And that you eat» there? Really, and what do students feed on? And how does it influence on their health?

Slyly, wisely and by inexpensive means

The question of food decides each in its own way. Someone expects «hello» from home, and for someone an optimal variant is an ambulance filling, but not always useful meal. Certainly, there are conscientious girls and guys that prepare to the soba the foods refined more or less, but such very small. In the daily menu of student – mainly  ready-to-cook foods (meat dumplings, varenyky, sausages, can food), pastas, potato (boiled or fried). In worse-case, when laziness wins finally, students on breakfast, dinner and supper have only tea / coffee with a chocolate or visit dining-rooms and fast foods.

Today to find in a supermarket products without food additions (Е) is a mission impracticable. Dyes, preservatives, antioxidants, stabilizators, emulsifiers, strengtheners of taste, – such constituents of modern meal here. Just in the products-favourites of students of addition meet in the harmful for a man tank. A world network аж boils various TOPs of products, that are undesirable for a consumption. In one of such rating the first place is occupied by baking. In such delicious croissants and puffs, except the juicy filling, is yet and about seventeen «E»s. The honoured second place is occupied by the frozen ready-to-cook foods: for them about fifteen additions, thus enormous amount from them even not marked the mark of «Е». On the third place the leader of home supermarkets has a rest after the amount of «Е» (thirteen) is processed cheese. This list can be complemented and complement (low-alcoholic drinks, mayonnaise, crackers, chips, sausage products, sweet carbonated water, caramel, food concentrates).

Certainly, it is funny to listen to histories of students that it will be them to eat. But the consequences of that can appear not such merry. Together with a diploma about higher education in addition it is possible to get gastritis (in the best to the case). Doctors assert that every third student is their patient. An irregular and off-grade feed becomes reason of it just.

The improper feeding is a mortgage to the bouquet of illnesses

The physical, psychical and sexual health of man depends on quality of meal, character and diet. Foodstuffs consist of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, cellulose, vitamins, mineral substances, water.  The experts of ВООЗ consider that optimal is the use of meal, proteins (from them 50% of animal origin), 30-35% fats, 50-55% carbohydrates, are folded 12-15% calorie content of that. For today biologists and physicians to work out basic principles stowages of food rations, that must support stability of internal environment, fill up the power and plastic charges of organism on a basic exchange, all types of works, height and restoration processes. A level of all constituents must not be below than necessity (minimum). The table of contents of vitamins and mineral substances must not exceed a toxic level.

Into some of products we in home terms can not glance. However our original appearance extraordinarily eloquently will tell about what and as we feed.  Worsening of the state of skin, hair, nails is usual attributes of the improper, unbalanced feeding. Considerably more frightful is overweight. On her background problems develop with a heart, digestion, by a reproductive health and others like that. Main reproductologist of Kyiv Olena Borys marks: the «Healthy and balanced eating is extraordinarily important exactly for young people. From a meal they get the necessary complex of vitamins, that positively influences on the general of organism. And young people are the future of country. Often it will be us to see that women, having problems with weight, can not become pregnant. Not preparations, but healthy eating, will help here. Terrible, when young families are through the bad habits, the unhealthy way of life is lost possibility to have children in general. Therefore take care already now about the health of your descendants».

Eating for living, but not vice versa

So that is it necessary to do, in order to avoid frightful, sometimes inevitable problems? Dietitians advise to plug a carrot in the ration, pineapple, shrimps, bow, nuts, cabbage, lemon. And exactly these products positively influence on cerebral activity, and also emotional state due to active substances (vitamins). Therefore, if you want to have kind memory, eat a carrot. She will help to learn by heart boring indentions from books, in fact will stimulate metabolism in a brain. Before examination useful it will be to eat the grated carrot with oil. A pineapple that will help to retain the enormous volume of information in a head can influence on memory. This fruit has very small calories and much vitamin of С. For a perceptible effect it is enough to have a drink glass of juice. Useful to the brain also there are walachian nuts. Not to worsen sight from hours-long sittings near a computer, eat a whortleberry. Also this berry is able to proceed in many functions of organism and counteract to aging. To be not ill, especially in winter, use to the citrus are oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits.

Breakfasting is desirable fruit, juices, by tea from herbares is heartens you in the morning and will present the supply of energy on all day. Having a supper is necessary not later as for 2 hours before a dream: exactly an organism needs so much times, to make off the process of digestion. Try to minimize the amount of ready-to-cook foods in your ration. Vegetables, fruit, greenery, nuts, cereals, soul-milk products, – basis of the healthy eating here. A ration must envisage the wide spectrum of products. It is desirable to feed diversely both for a day, and within a week. Try to prepare on once, to do the foods maximally fresh.

There are also certain principles of the healthy eating. Foremost, feeds a man not that she ate, but that mastered her organism. Nature set a certain signal for a everybody – esurience. A meal without hunger only litters and overloads an organism. One of major principles there is careful remastication. The lump of meal will not be mastered. It follows to chew to the that pore, while a piece will not become liquid. At that rate even «indigestible» food will be mastered relatively easily. Remember: a meal necessarily must be delicious! A tongue manages the synthesis of many digestive enzymes, that is why if products are tasteless for you, they will be badly mastered.

It is needed to avoid contrasting temperatures for one reception of meal (for example, cold soup and hot porridge, hot coffee with an ice-cream). Harmful also both very cold and steaming hot meal. Optimal temperature is not below room. A meal must not burn lips and mouth.

It is important not to overeat during the healthy eating. A stomach after the reception of meal must be filled no more than on a half. It does not cost after a meal to start working. It’s better to rest 20–30 minutes. Do not drink water during lunch /  dinner. Using water is possible, but only in the cases when a meal is too dry.

Therefore, be healthy and eat correctly!

Anna Denysenko