21.11.2013 - News

Hawaii will entertain tourists tame sharks

Hawaii resort on Hilton Waikoloa Village will entertain tourists trained sharks.

Tourists relaxing on a Hawaiian resort, offering to talk with marine animals . But in addition to traditional trained dolphins, which can even go swimming on holiday recently, will entertain and Malagasy night sharks – two five-year male, measuring about 4.5 meters each.

Sharks earlier lived in West Hawaii Research Academy , but have become too large for the aquarium. In summer, they were transported to the Hilton Waikoloa Village in Hawaii , where there is the Aquarium Dolphin Quest.

Dolphin Quest owners say they added the sharks because they believe that the sharks need help in improving their reputation. The purpose of this project – to get to know the tourists with sharks, to show that these predators play an important role in nature and are not very dangerous to humans.

Provided this type of sharks, as assured professionals rarely show aggression , therefore not dangerous to humans. Aquarist Eric Nash believes these sharks “ambassadors of their wild relatives,” which can make so that more people have started to respect them. He added that the sharks help maintain the population of the ocean in balance by eating the sick and dying animals.

Also in the Dolphin Quest reported that soon for the tourists will create a new entertainment program with these marine predators , dog training which is currently handled by experts. But for now the priority is the health of the animals. Erik Nash said that sharks three times a day visiting and engage with them. Animals fed high-quality fish, squid and shrimp.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source: miamiherald.com