23.12.2013 - News

Inflatable water park in the UAE want to make the Guinness World Records

Inflatable Water Park Aqua Fun, located in Abu Dhabi’s plans to enter the Guinness Book of Records from the two records.

Water park opened in December on Abu Dhabi. Its creators have reported that it may set records in two categories at once: not only as a water park with the tallest inflatable slide in the world, but also as the largest flag of the United Arab Emirates (the colors correspond to the waterpark image flag of the country).

Aqua Fun founder Ahmed bin Chayba said: “I always wanted to create an environment that people of all ages can enjoy the entertainment in the waterpark. This was to be a place where people could gather together. We also want to move the water park in Dubai and Ras Al-Khaimah in the next couple of months, as well as outside the UAE”.

Aqua Fun has become the largest inflatable water park , located on the water. Its area is more than two thousand square meters.

Author: Olga Broskova
Source: khaleejtimes.com