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True depression: frank with specialist

Depression is one of the words, which is very common to hear nowadays. A large number of people are exhausted, without sentiment, is allegedly in a state of isolation from reality.

In fact, depression is not only a popular expression or condition in the population, but also a real disease being treated professionals. In this article we try using the profile psychiatrist to understand what depression is, how to treat and most importantly how to prevent it.

 ”Look smiling and sorrowful at heart – yes, it’s me”, “be patient, life is still a lot of pain”, “just tired, honestly, I can not” – not new quote online and daily communication between people. But is this a real depression, not just another blues or bad mood?

Psychiatrist department psychotic episode and modern treatments Kyiv City Clinical Hospital № 1 psycho-neurological Kruchnivska Irina defines as manifestations of depression: “Depression is manifested so-called depressive triad of lowered mood, decreased appetite, decreased activity of the state total. There is a loss of sleep, concomitant anxiety. A person suffering from depression, says it can not and does not want to do anything”.

According to the classical classification psychiatrists share a depressive episode in light, moderate and heavy. Depending on the chosen him some type of treatment.

We asked, and what is the short-term bouts of depression, which often occur nowadays, whether they are classified as a disease and what to do. The first thing noted psychiatrist, is that depression is entirely appropriate response to certain critical condition. For example, the loss of a loved one: depression is considered in such cases is normal, if not last more than 24 days. In other cases, it is necessary to have to turn to professionals.

“Short of depression is always associated with some specific traumatic situation. Is this situation – there are depressive response to it. If a person 20 years again some very difficult situation for her, she can give the same reaction, but can not give – by changing the value systems or older. In this case, the person can often handle itself or through the support of loved ones. If depression is repeated cyclically, for example, every year, in spring and autumn, a man carries a depression, it is not a short-term episode and disorder (depressive episode that repeats) and then should be used to support treatment as antidepressants,” – says Irina.

Depression can push not only a stressful situation, but also a genetic predisposition. While depression can not be cured, but normal activity can be maintained throughout life. Anyone can have this genetic predisposition, because the gene is modified not only close relatives gene depressive episode is so weak that can occur after 7-10 generations. Diagnose genetic nature of mental illness can only psychiatrist.

If depression is caused genetically, as a rule, in this case there is a whole range of reasons. Most of these causes are congenital – some type of nervous system, predisposition to certain reactions, hormone deficiency joy (serotonin). If we compare the genetically determined with the depression, which is a reaction to an event, it is often more difficult for the first stage and treated too difficult.

What we used to take for depression is more common in other mental disorders are not an expert and can not be identified.

“Tantrums, suicide attempts – not always a sign of depression. There are personality disorder, when a person is very heavy, reinforced character. Certain traits are strengthened so that they interfere with a person, do not let her live a normal life. This can be impulsiveness, irritability. There are disturbing disorder is hysterical. In this case, is the characteristic reactions that give this flash. But it’s not depression, “- says Irina.

Demonstration program – rather, teenage reaction when a person is trying to attract attention: it does not listen, do not notice it and it tends to change in any way. Also, public hysteria and suicide attempts can be triggered while intoxicated. A person under the influence of alcoholic substances mentions something unpleasant and thinking, “Here I’ll kill myself and you will cry.” The psychiatrist says that it is too nervous breakdown and needs to be treated, prevented, but it’s not depression.

Depression can also lead to thoughts of suicide or until his attempt, as it happens quite often. Bad man, she mentally exhausted, can not see the future. According to the psychiatrist, patients come to the doctor when very well describe their condition, keywords almost do not change, “I hurt a soul, it hurts so much that I can not sleep, I can not eat, I can not walk. I just wish that this suffering has finally ended. “And substantial percentage of patients seen in the death of the desired output. This is especially true for those who are at the stage of severe depression.

When such thoughts appear, experts advise immediately and be sure to contact a psychiatrist. They do not hide the fact that the best option would be to put a man on inpatient treatment in a psychiatric hospital. They justify it around the clock to monitor the seriously ill patient and use all necessary means to help him.

Typically, and oddly enough, depressed patient does not make demonstrative suicide attempts, he avoids publicity own thoughts about suicide. He waits a long time mulling over how it wants to do, when and … Depressed patients rarely tell relatives that they want to die. They say indirectly: “I feel bad”, “I insignificance”, “I do not see life.” Relatives difficult to recognize it, but doctors often reveal – maybe not the first time, but mostly it happens during the course.

Irina, based on his experience, says that when the patient is told that depression is treated, it can handle, he gradually begins to believe it: “When I explain that it’s painful symptoms, and really is not so bad, man distracted . This especially works when the patient begins to communicate with other such like himself, who are on the road to recovery.”

The main problem is the public perception of patients with mental disorders. Upon hearing that a person visits a psychiatrist, taking antidepressants, and if we passed a course in stationary psycho-neurological clinic, people react badly. Therefore, patients are often left with the illness alone and locked in itself. The man is afraid of losing their jobs, friends and even relatives. This is the Soviet vision as it marks Irina and this further deepens the depression of man and often leads to complications. Problems hushed, but not disappear.

“It is good that there are groups in mental hospital, where people can hear directly from patients cope with their disease history. One starts to believe that this can cope and live a normal life” – says the psychiatrist.

Taking into account these problems, doctors now do not indicate the name of the disease. A psychiatrist can not even make out the help and immediately send records to the archive to relieve stress on the patient leaving the hospital. If, for example, inGermany, people who have been treated, helping professionals adapt even at home, in our country at all is almost shameful.

For preventive treatment specialists recommend sticking to a healthy lifestyle and proper regime of work and rest. It is also important not to take to heart all the little things and learn to overcome stress.

However, psychiatrists stress if the man himself could not cope with his own affliction, it is important to see a specialist. Depression, like any disease, should be treated, and it is better just to do it right. If for assistance in the early stages, you can avoid many complications and, more importantly, prevent relapses.

Anna Brykova