19.09.2013 - News

Named the world’s best skyscrapers

International experts at a meeting of the jury Emporis Skyscraper, which is best known in the field of high-rise architecture, the winners were announced. In the top ten of the world entered the building of skyscrapers in Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Russia, China, Turkey, Italy and Spain.

The main criterion for the award of the prize are the achievements in the field of aesthetic and functional design of buildings. Each year, a jury of experts examines the buildings that have a minimum height of 100 meters constructed during the previous calendar year.

At this time the first place was won by the tower Absolute World Towers (Mississauga, Canada). Absolute World Towers are twin skyscrapers complex Absolute City Centre. The height of the first tower is 176 meters, the second – 158 meters. The peculiarity of the towers is that they do not have two identical floors and balconies. Designers not only created a unique building, but also made ​​him the organic nature with urban landscape. The people of these towers for their shape are called “Marilyn Monroe.”

In second place is the skyscraper Al Bahr Towers in Abu Dhabi ( UAE). Architects towers Al Bahar set out to provide shade in the commercial environment ( at 50 -degree heat outside the building) without using a huge amount of air conditioners. Experts have created a huge shield facade, consisting of 2,000 units of mobile – umbrellas that open and close during the day depending on the position of the sun. This unique facade covers almost the entire building. Movable front grille not only halves the flow of heat and provide ventilation, but also reduce the need for artificial lighting. Towers of Al- Bahar combines new construction technologies and traditional Arabic architectural style. The building is the headquarters of the Investment Council Abu Dhabi. Total office building area is 70,000 square meters and up to 1000 employees.

Third place was won back skyscraper Burj Qatar in Doha (Qatar ). The building is a 238 -meter-high glass tower, covered with metal dome in the traditional Islamic style of weaving.

Fourth place went to the arc-shaped building The Bow, architect Norman Foster. Tower in the Canadian city of Calgary has a height of 236 meters, and its distinguishing feature is the form that is particularly catches the sunlight and thus reduce the cost of lighting the building. Steel grating on the facade forms a pattern of triangles.

In fifth place is the “House on Mosfilm“, situated not far from the studio “Mosfilm ” in Moscow. Building height is 213 meters.
In sixth place was the energy-efficient skyscraper Pearl River Tower (Guangzhou, China). Building height of 310 meters, and the bends of its facade direct air flow to the special turbines that generate electricity.

In seventh place – Varyap Meridian ( Istanbul, Turkey). It is a complex of 5 buildings (20 to 60 floors ), which posted a 1.5 thousand apartments, business center area of ​​50,000 square meters, the shopping centers and 20,000 square meters of office space.

The eighth line took Unicredit Tower skyscraper in Milan (Italy ). Building height – 217 meters and it is designed for 4,000 employees.

The ninth and tenth place was shared by three Mezhuyev a skyscraper – Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel in Spain
Dumanakaya IKON in Istanbul (Turkey )
Zhengzhou Greenlang Plaza ( China).
All the buildings are constructed with the use of modern technology.