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Not the American dream, or the problems of students

You are young, active and love to travel and speak English? Toby from 18 to 23 years? You want to actively spend the summer and make some money? Then take off the rose-colored glasses before you dive headlong into the most popular youth cultural exchange program Work & Travel. And to make sure that the trouble really wait for a man to unwary travelers, here is the history of the same “young and active”, who had experience them for yourself.

Oleg Mohnyuk student 4th year student of the Faculty of Radiophysics of Kyiv University of Shevchenko:

“In theUnited Statesthe program Work & Travel I went twice.

First registered for the program in the second year, the Agency International Career Center (ICC). Shortly after signing the agreement and first payment ($ 300), it appears that my visit may not take place – the agency could not find me a job in theUnited States. I offered to make a “fake” – counterfeit job offer. However, the U.S. Consulate visa officer announced the verdict almost immediately after eye okynuv document: «I decided not to give you a visa. I don’t think that there’s a job waiting for you in US” (“I have decided not to grant you a visa. I do not think that you have a job in theUnited States”). In the agency should I argued that a possible cause of failure – poor knowledge of English. Although I made a few tests on 10 of the 10 fine and passed the interview with the coordinator inVirginia.

I was offered to move in the program for next summer. In this case, a job I would have found if not in September and Consulate should I go in the winter. In the fall I found a job yet, wrote deal, I again passed the interview and perfectly passed all tests. But in winter it was found that the Consulate of theUnited Stateshas not given permission to participate in the ICC program. ICC quickly disappeared, locked office, phones were turned off, and the students that they had to register and sent to another firm – Student Travel. I was not even surprised when members of Student Travel began requiring them to pay the full cost of the program (about $ 1,000), for money and documents from ICC gave them no. After I wrote the program sponsor inAmerica, immediately collected all the necessary information and translated them into English to send to theUnited States. With me still had one interview and controlled my actions from there. Finally, the consulate this time things did not – I got a job inKievand decided to stay for the summer inUkraine.

I have studied in detail the contract and found that at least some of the money I owe return. But running out for the fourth month, Americans give me contacts of ICC, who in turn, lift the handset to ignore the letters and hiding.”

Margaryta Oliynyk, a student of 3rd year NMU of O. O. Bohomolets:

“Before the trip to theU.S.I was full of enthusiasm. However, the problem started immediately after leaving the plane.

Under the terms of the contract at the airport I had found the employer, but its there and I did not wait. The agency said that I would have to get fromNew Yorkto Shanksville yourself. After two grueling days at stations and on buses, I was finally in place. But as it turned out, the Employer has not waited for me, and my place have hired another person. Again calls began inUkraine, but the benefits are not brought any. I was in a foreign country without a job and housing, because the latter is also provided by the employer.

The first night halt in the near hostel and forbade myself to panic. The day dedicated to finding a new job. I found! In one of the best I heard so far failed Story hostess and offered a place of residence. Although there was a lower payment promised at first, the same day I moved. Regret is not necessary. The next two and a half months working there, I met with the same program participants from other countries, and after working together for two weeks we traveled the country.

Upon returning home, I asked the agency to explain why I refused to work. They accused me that most, they say, who arrived two days later. That same two days that I was trying to get to the city by yourself instead of go quietly and with all the comfort of a car employer. The latter refused to meet me, when I learned that this flight flies only one of its worker.

However, the desire to understand as to who is to blame, I was not. The main thing is that everything ended well and my trip turned out successful.”

Jaroslav Berezko student 4th year student of National University “Lviv Polytechnic”:

“Even in the first year, I began to dream of summer inAmerica. I turned to the agency and to me quickly and easily find a job bicycle taxi driver inFlorida. A few months – and I’m in theUnited States.

The history of my failure began with a meeting with the employer. He simply refused to take me to work because of age (I was not yet 21 years) and the lack of a driver’s license. The fact that I even had no idea about such conditions, it is no wonder. According to him, these requirements are stated in gross job offers.

Calls to the agency did not bring any benefit. There I argued that they did not know of this, the employer agreed to take me in his time. So I did not get the expected work.

I had to look for yourself. However,Floridain the summer is not the best for this place. After several days of futile search, I met good people are advised to go away and settle in temporary shelters.

There I was accepted almost immediately. And I spent in the shelter the three months looking for work, and interrupting temporary undermining. The agency refused to help even vacancies.

Time passed almost unnoticed, though not quite as I expected. After my return home began a long war with the agency. Eventually I returned the money. But summer is definitely messed up.”

How to protect yourself

If you have a bad experience does not scare others and you are still full of enthusiasm, then here is some advice from a lawyer Olena Vlasenko:

“First, choose only that agency, which has long been successfully operating in this market. The best option – to have friends who have used its services. But the information from the internet rely not worth it. And remember that the agency must have a “license to mediation in employment abroad”, as well as certificates that prove its cooperation with American sponsors. If unsure, then contact the lawyers to have checked the documents.

Second, sign all contracts only in the presence of a lawyer, and only after he reread them. This will avoid trouble and find out all the details.

Thirdly, during the trip Keep in touch with a lawyer. All disputes with the company better deal with it. It will be faster and more efficient. Do not be afraid to go to court if the truth is on your side.”

Experienced travelers have their secrets of successful trips:

1. Compare prices. The agency, which offers the same service for half the amount, causes some suspicion. And pay extra for additional services you somehow have to.

2. To no problems with the work, it is better to entrust the search for the agency. Then if any unpleasant surprises (lower wages and other working conditions, etc.), you can contact American sponsors and get their help or advice. And to make sure the proper choice of employment, should communicate in advance with the employer at a job fair, arranged some agencies, or by telephone.

3. Choose and book accommodation in advance if it is not provided by the employer. The easiest way to do it via the Internet. In extreme cases, stop for a few days in the hostel until you find something.

4. Advance plan your free time to not have to die of boredom. Back home look interesting places you want to see and events that are worth visiting.

5. Obtain driving license to travel. It will feel the full spirit of “American freedom” and easy to travel the country. Otherwise, feel all the charm of poorly developed public transport in many states.

And that happens, remember that trip in any case will be a priceless experience. After all, when you are young and active, even in serious trouble getting exciting adventures.

Yana Honcharova