15.02.2015 - Здоров'я

A week without a “hello”

First there was irritation
The morning began with the opening synth chords and whimsical cry Gnarlsa Barkley: «All I want is your understanding, as in a small light of affection…». However, recently it has not requests, while in the tube came a familiar voice that belonged to residents of Auburn 604 rooms, of which my 615 th (the same dorm) was go no more – no less than 12 seconds. Of course, this calculation simple arose in my mind much later, but for now only grew uncontrollable desire to throw at people to kill each and every one without trial and, especially investigation. The conversation was carried on something minor, such as “no-sleep-well yeah, get on, you can eat without me,” but perhaps that’s when the idea of a return to the former quiet life consciousness drilled through. First, a question-refrain: “And how you ever lived without these cell phones?” Thus was born the idea to change lives. At least a week. I did the experiment: 7 days without telephone and internet. And just as all have survived, and did not suffer from a supersaturated communication and information tired mind.

Three steps to peace

Common sense suggests that throwing Internet and mobile communications should be exactly the same as the tie smoking: slowly, step by step and without hysteria. And above all: to warn relatives to the next morning, a police patrol led by her mother sought me not all the deepest corner of the city of Kyiv (it is worth noting that I live separately from their parents, to be exact – by as much as 300 miles, and therefore calls every day several times – is a mandatory ritual that was impossible not to perform for his own and public safety). So the first step – agreed with his mother that every day I look for other phones to report “live-healthy-all right.” It certainly is not a hike on the old telephone office, but still – created the illusion of integrity and transparency of the experiment.

Step Two: I started developing the idea, I decide to check on the power of the “heroes of Russian” – and for the vast majority go on the network “in English”, but some warn that, well, so and so, life without means of communication:

Q: This week there will be messages? Maybe it’s good, just rest … – wrote my virtual friend.

Me: Are you going to write me letters to Yerevanska street?

Q: Telegrams are sent.

Q: When it comes to that, let’s meet on Sunday, so it will be easier.

Then I happy of what finally see with whom I was dealing, and frankly amazed that the magic power that made the man finally come out further than his account, where, incidentally, always dominated by avatars without a head. However, in the minds crept: and if not experiment or would ever even think?

Finally, the third stage: called girlfriend, with whom we have a tradition to meet nearly every Tuesday morning and scheduled an appointment in a particular place at 11:00. When she realized the “fault” situation (as in the case of any force majeure could not have to call and at least warn about it), I heard its short address: “Well, you’re tortured!” But somehow too sympathetic tone or perhaps my fevered mind that very anxious to it sorry.

Day One: Breaking chain for Carnival or ideas

Close to the north, said goodbye to everyone in the social network VKontakte. Something is probably experiencing the birds when flying in the vortex. Also “lucky” with his fall aboard is almost real friend that gave dramatic situation.

Immediately remembrance in 2-3 songs that would be nice to listen to at night, here and now, that same moment. In computing reserve this music, of course – where come from? On the CD altogether silent. A temptation in the meantime more closely: I wanted to read news from around the world watch movies with subtitles, and the last season of «The Simpsons» to the very early morning, to write to his sister, with whom not seen for several months, call a friend from Poland and another friend in China, to show my mother on Skype new pictures on the wall in the room and at the same time with a cat that has stopped three years ago, I perceive, is not that as mistress, but as a living being at all patronizing ignoring write about Email undermining and see pictures of the wedding is not the closest friend. But I had to draw a manicure, create a dream Dickens (oh, Mom, really?) In the original invest and sleep with some bitter aftertaste is not freedom, not the isolation of my favorite cyber imperfect society.

Guide to the morning gathering or Longing for a mercury thermometer

Morning procedures communicated to boring automatism seems I can accomplish blindfolded in the same sequence of orderliness elaborated, with a particular process bypassing, a particular contrast, adding, but certainly it will last at least two hours. And something tells me that even if the Nazis came, placed a muzzle to his temple and ordered to quickly gather, is not accelerated to the overall rate. It looks like this: check for VC on Gmail and on Facebook, search for song long day, struggle with the speed of the Internet, call mommy, slept again and has no enough time examining clothes in the closet and pretense in mind that befitted be put on “the weather” (on which pre see on Meteoproh and then to Rp5, and also to forecasters, also wondering how different the results of their measurements), twisting beauty of the head (for a video on Yutuba), collection bags, re-examination of shower gel and a painful realization: well now, it is time to go.

Morning “new life” began quietly and in harmony with nature, as had 3 minutes stood box in the kitchen more relaxing for sleep, and the hostel because it was the sixth floor – in my ears for a long time then I whistled in the wind. It seemed that the street is today began winter, and so it’s time to be packed in the warmest clothes. Looking ahead to that day in the bus, I was still not cooked – feet in winter boots lead go on asphalt, which seemed a little later so not too dim under the bright light of the November sun. “We need to buy a thermometer” – I thought. “This way” – to reflect suffused feet.

«But do not fly airplanes, and today there is not even a train ride …»

Tickets were bought back home on Tuesday, the train arrived at the station hometown on Friday at 11 pm. Because of the late hour went home bus could not even speak here and call a cab for a week – would seem, at least, absurd, and that there is – unreliable. Mom and Dad promised to meet. So when high-speed train went a small railway station Globino on the second track, and a lot of students went and scattered platform, following his fathers sister, grandmother, grandparents who pulled a suitcase his newly arrived from the capital of Chad – I slowly, looking at them and straining vision in finding their most native. And for all the “laws of scoundrels,” one of them did not notice until, finally, absolutely emptying station and around the corner light flashed last couple of yellow headlights. One could yield principle and succumb to provocation heart: «Oh, yeah forgot..?» At a particular time even finally decided: Wait 15 minutes, and if so, no one will drive – go on foot, then by all means offended, so for a long time and seriously offended. I have even started acutely feel the unspeakable misfortune, sudden lump in my throat even approached, began dancing at the sight of a giant fire “Nibulon” as literally flew the machine from the station, dramatically slowed and she jumped headlong dad that patter blurted out that I did not immediately and clearly: in short, they stopped DPS – and therefore delayed. I sighed with relief mom is already at home, where it is always wild and lingering crying and unhappy cat smell pie with apples. And were long conversations over tea, no music, and somehow suddenly thought: I miss them, long SO much did not want to share with them all-all-all, long-SO did not want to listen.

Digression in “prehistoric” times

On this occasion, I asked my mother how they interacted with my dad to the wedding, but as there were, and how in touch when forced to disperse for a long time? What about keep in touch with their parents when traveling to other cities to study?

- You know, I myself think the same: how? We are so accustomed to these phones as a hands-free…

And then mom tell history as had to stand in long lines for negotiation, and not the fact that then did called as contacted my dad once a week to arrange move out sometime this month. And somehow even experienced one after another, and normally kept; and has received letters from the picture. But my mother thinks that is better, easier, and I somehow whine light and nostalgia for childhood, when I came in the morning friends rattle the door, certainly opened the mother could be heard and memorized: “And Marina home?”. Remembered how we’re going to close, so let the smoke usually, invent itself quickly their games and put into practice. And then could not “reject” one click “No, I will not go” part of the fun, you can go home to read a book and watch cartoons, arguing succinctly: «I lived. I go for the catch». And that was enough, and you are not completely dependent on other people’s likes or lack thereof. Then I eventually caught the fancy of the book and I have not belonged to the type of people who talk about the love of books much more than they read. At night, again took up Dickens.

Where results “does not have a connection”

After one week, my friends started to get used to the fact that I never find and I have nothing to date, and finally, I also started to get used to their pins. My head was somehow too clear in the body get enough sleep, English teach several lessons ahead and reed me Vynnychuk with Marquez, and for a moment even lost the meaning of life (it would quickly seek a new reading). I irresponsibility of its own in the sense of «can not find me – your problem» and if to be completely honest, strained again everyone except me. With a virtual second meeting also took place, it came with a head (!) Completely normal, of flesh and blood, and not as keen on the word as a network, shy and confused.

This week, much walk, and most importantly – a miracle was time to meet with people. Lack of communication seriously disciplined because I could not warn about his lateness, delay or postpone the meeting. Correspondingly plans has previously agreed under way, and not vice versa, as can be honest – it happens all the time, when everything was planned before shamelessly receded in time frame to completely indeterminate “once, another time.” Speaking of learning, homework made a few clicks, and “equally” focused with Stop-start – and melted somewhere in the heart of a sense of harmony, peace and friendship itself with its own head. A fun lust for life, the furious certainty – I live this moment, here and now, I function fully. By the way, here’s how it commented psychiatrist Alexander Yaremenko:

- The modern pace of life provokes that the person is not able to cover everything at once, and so lost in this space. This trend of increasing mental health problems, in the same way and triggered depression. Characteristically, especially busy people, businesses increasingly turning three with complaints about deteriorating mental condition, or even symptoms of serious illnesses. Technology – it is certainly very good, but there should be in moderation. Leisure (either outdoors or on the couch), and even for the prevention of loneliness can become more than ever relevant.

Of course, I have encountered some inconvenience when it was necessary to immediately contact with someone, for example, to find out where we the audience, instead of half an hour I have wandered in search of his university group approach ear to the door and looking into the cracks.

Since email is now prevails and makes people who come on the heels of deadlines, had to pull infinitely close friend to me and instead engaged in my post, which somehow sent and received every day. The weather was something particularly difficult, everything has been able respectively, could not foresee all those evening mist and damp wind that penetrated to the ankles.

So, this week returned to stability. Some online warned that I had something with a link – cannot get through, some accused of deliberately ignoring, the phone fell parties notice of their futile attempts, again singing Hnarls Barkley: «Life is one-way street / And if you could paint it / I’d draw myself going in the right direction … », and logically summed four-aging message of:” Hi, damp and chilly today. Time to drink cocoa with cake». When I responded with a brief explanation of where is gone, the street was all just fall in “damp and chilly,” and yet friendly atmosphere request to read a report about life without communication. Such a full and vibrant life.

Maryna Yaremenko