17.12.2013 - News

Inexpensive to fly into space will be from the Canary Islands

Cheap flights into space will be scheduled from the Canary Islands via airplane Airbus A300, attached to the shuttle.

European group of companies Swiss Space Systems (S3) hopes to “democratize access to space,” running flights from bases outside the beach resort on the island of Gran Canaria.

Maspalomas is a popular holiday destination, famous for its golden sand dunes, bars and discos foam. But when in 2020 will begin testing new technology, visitors can also treat yourself to flights into space.

Flights are designed to make them for tourists as cheaply as possible. Technology is as follows: the shuttle will be separated from the aircraft Airbus A300 six miles above the Earth. After that six people migrated to the 60 miles further, before returning to Earth.

The aircraft will be reused for each flight, the same as regular airlines operate, the shuttle will use standard fuels.

Gregoire Loretan with Swiss company Space Systems said Guardian: “Our goal is to democratize access to space.” He admitted, however, that the project’s success” depends on many factors and certification beyond our control.”

How much will the ticket is not yet known. Gran Canaria was selected for the base because of a developed tourist infrastructure and its location in the Atlantic Ocean, far away from human settlements.

S3 will launch satellites from the Canary Islands in 2018. The company’s headquarters is in Switzerland, where he will meet the shuttle, and initial tests will be conducted in 2017.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton