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A few words about the methods of self-defense

Do not go, girl walk in the night … If you believe the stories, the streets at this time of swarming up from colorful colorful maniacs, perverts, murderers and other anti-social subjects such as pickpockets. So how to save your own life?

In fact, few believe in the fact that under every bush waiting for you lonely exhibitionist, but I think, do not tempt fate and wander through parks and cemeteries at night. Better safe, as they say … But criminal chronicles relax do not give – every day we hear about more and more crimes. Therefore, the inventors ponavyhaduvaly various devices that should ideally make your communication with a maniac as safe for you and therefore unpleasant for the “opponent.” But does it really work?

Blossoms “thistle” , blossoms “thistle”

Gas cylinders. Generally, as I tried to “educate” the seller in a hunting store aerosol cans are (with gas inside) and jet (fluid-filled), of which the latter is more accurate, because it creates a poisonous cloud abominations that may inadvertently inhale herself a victim. Aim preferably in the area of ​​the face (eyes, nose and mouth), and then quickly run away while the action stuff is not stopped and the attacker suddenly remembered why unforgettable sensations and vivid experiences that about you.

That feel forward, and how long it will last depends on the content of a container. Typically, a mixture of active substances (irytantu) in an organic solvent with propellent. When we choose to spray, then pay attention to the kind of irytantu. Their are a few:

CS – tear gas, which has a slight “Krapivny effect” on the skin and has no effect on dogs, drunks and drug addicts;

CN – irytant mixed action (tears / difficulty breathing), which has a faint smell of cherry and is used by police to break up demonstrations. Also better acting sober;

OS – an extract from special varieties of red pepper, acting at all, causing severe pain with eyes, sneezing, coughing.

IPC – a synthetic analogue of the OS.

And send logs to anyone who tries to sell you bulbs with nerve gas, as these agents (sarin, soman) can only be purchased on the black market too.

How did you manage to find out, conventional gas cartridge is not completely safe, because, as the practitioner V. V. Iholnykova, its use can cause detoxification (nausea, vomiting, dizziness), which will start in a few hours after using the spray.

Buy a gas balloon is completely legal in any hunting store (average price – within 20 hr). According to Serhii Ivanovych, the seller of the same hunting shops, gas cartridges bought in almost equal proportions of both women and men. There are many types of such products: Ukrainian “ter” n “Higher mayor”, “arms proletariat” and others.

The choice, therefore, only the buyer. The main thing – read the instructions on the container and sprayed a substance contained in it against the wind.


Electric shock as a form of non-lethal weapons, appeared in the 70s of last century in the United States. While overseas “bright minds” fought on the issue of unjustified use of firearms during the arrest of suspects, as well as the removal of the riots. It was necessary to deter aggression, while no one seriously pokalichyvshy.

Over the next thirty years actively Electro won positions on the U.S. and world markets. The action of the device is based on the occurrence of a high voltage pulse. With its apposition to areas of the body between the electrodes caused convulsive reaction of muscles and blocked the transmission of signals from the brain. Enhanced muscle contraction causes a rapid depletion due to the collapse of blood sugar. These processes are superimposed on pain and severe psychological impact because muscles striker for some time are fixed. However, further reaction to the action of the device is difficult to predict: someone noticed a unusual sensations in the body, while others may zomlity.

On the one hand, comfortable design allows you to use the unit indoors in tight spaces (in the elevator, for example). If you enable the electric shock scares and violent animals, but on the other hand, it has several disadvantages. The main one is the ability to cause irreparable harm “application object”.

“It all depends on what the conductivity of the heart in man, since it is personalized for each indicator, – the expert of the Institute of Cardiology M. D. Strazhesko  A. D.  Sokol. – Can occur fibrillation, which ultimately leads to heart failure. Other side effects may be headache or heartache. “

But if you will not stop even that, there is another obstacle – law. “According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 21.04.1995 Electro classified as active means of self-defense used during public order with rubber batons, handcuffs, gas cans, etc.. They can only use the police – said a certified lawyer V. S. Danatsko - In Ukraine, by any means that they use the police can not be owned by individuals or legal entities of private ownership. Violation of these rules provides for administrative penalties, from fines to administrative detention. “

However, administrative detention does not become an obstacle to trade underground electric shock. On the Internet there are a variety of products of this industry: pen-shocker, shocker player-like.

The choice is yours

In medical observations re-use gas canisters can be addictive, that reduce the impact of substance on the body of the attacker. Simply put, if a maniac “prevention” daily obpryskuvatyme myself with gas canister, then later, ideally, it will stop responding to it. The use of electric-civilian punishable by law. So what do the poor victim nytsoho hypothetical attack?

Probably, look for ways out of the role of victim. There are many possibilities. You can drive a stout SECURITY, you can move around the city only in the well-armed groups can be studied martial arts: Karate, Judo, Aikido, something closer – Battle hopak – not much difference. The whole point of wanting to protect and psychological setting the optimal way out of a critical situation.

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