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A few words about fashion

At the spring bloom and a smile on the lips of women. The girls kept baggy coats and hats to the deep, distant barns. Right, time to show the world the real beauty. Frivolous dress with open back, chiffon tops soft pink colors, flirty cap and vintage shoes – it’s not all that be fashionistas in a new spring-summer 2014. Collection We chose two Parisian fashion houses, which are famous throughout the world for its uniqueness and femininity: Elie Saab and Lanvin.

Elie Saab – “inspired by a woman”

Ask me what the “east” and I said, “This is the place where the sun rises”. This is where life begins, which wakes up every day with sunlight.

One of the leading Lebanese fashion XXI century, Elie Saab, never tire of proving that he comes from the East. It is born of inspiration. Inspired by a woman designer, has created a collection name which “femininity.” His brainchild, he shared with the world at Fashion Week 2014 in Paris.

Hand Wizard can be identified by the details: bright but not flashy color palette of ultramarine blue to delicate lavender-pink, concise, but not conservative in accessories, harsh direct paths that only emphasize the seductive shape of the female body. In the collection you will not find trendy leopard prints or gold, jewelry or massive skulls with rhinestones. Elie Saab exalt ease and independence, primarily by the generally accepted rules. Classic trousers with arrows acquire hue lightness, shorts are piece business suit. The woman no longer need to break down daily high heels to show everyone that she is a woman.

Each time a seam, every stitch, every thread and fold like a designer says, “Clothes designed not to change or hide you, it was created to show the world who you really are.” This shows the second part of the collection. Easy lace in tandem with stones and beads, shades of sky- blue and purple red without words emphasize the individuality of the beautiful half of humanity. Who said transparent lace dress or a deep neckline means easily accessible? Free yourselves from stereotypes.

Do not forget about the designer and household items. No matter how old you are and where you are going. If you are a real woman – you will always be accompanied by even primitive handbag, which can throw a beautician, or in the worst case, lipstick. Therefore, almost every fashion dress supplemented monochrome bag, sling bag or a spacious volume with expansive floor.

If Elie Saab has entrusted me to design a slogan for his new collection, no doubt he would be as follows: “To be a woman – it’s a privilege. Feel free to use it.”

Lanvin: Life – a daily celebration

Alber Elbaz this year turned the fashion house Lanvin upside down. In all the years the brand he has never been more festive, bright and shiny. This time the designer said a categorical “no” routine, practicality and conservatism. Looking for office blouse or jacket democratic? Here you definitely will not find them because they were replaced by shiny jackets with voluminous ruffles and ruffles, stunning jumpsuit in rock style with pockets and zippers.

If words describe in detail the way, it may seem that the sense of taste betrayed designer. Everything glitters and shimmers, color change from gold to silver, from crimson to black fabric impressive variety: satin, brocade, lurex.

As for the forms and silhouettes collection, Elbaz as if assembled completely random things. Some dresses are felt motifs disco eighties, others – Jazz twenties. Here and tight skirts and dresses with tiered frills and bustier dress with an American accent, and loose dress shirts. As if to emphasize this deliberate randomness, the designer gave the models at hand bags, like plastic bags for garbage carelessly done side and gathered hair in unpretentious tails at the back. Only a great chiffon blouse with giant ribbons fluttering in the wind, reminded that it all has the same Elbaz, who we used to be considered romantic. Yet blouses were dressed with the trouser suit and flat shoes, so that the girl resembled modern boys of Pages.

In fact, it was over as usual – Elbaz once again managed easily, like playing, convinced that everything done correctly. And those who never wore nothing but black and gray, seen after the show – a brilliant glow that’s exactly what they lacked.

As for the trends of the season, we consulted with Halyna Zahurska, manager of the publishing house Sanoma Media, which includes such fashion gurus as Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan.

“In general, the trend this season, as there is always feminine sensitivity and individualism. Image emphasize playful cap, handbag odious and sophisticated glasses. Finally, no matter how and what you dressed. The main thing – it’s your personality. Nothing can beautify a woman more than a glow in his eyes. Shine, dear woman! “- Calls Halyna Zahurska.

Mariia Smyk