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Uncomfortable beauty or health of legs

Women always want to look impeccably and do best on it neither nor facilities. They are ready to stand all day long onychalgias in order that wider public envied new shoes that underline slender legs beautifully. But beautiful feet – it those that are healthy. Only a comfortable shoe can support their health. So that, we study to pick up her correctly.

Our the roads not for heels

Every day we live in a reckless rhythm. Hurry, to be not late even on a minute, push passers-by and after them give up a word “I am sorry”. On the way look at the reflection in shop-windows, to estimate the original appearance. All of us, especially young girls, aim beautifully to look. For this purpose to us it is not sorry neither time, nor money, nor even own health! Only we know as it go to the street, hiding an onychalgia after a carefree smile. Beauty needs victims, but it costs to be thoughtful what consequences it can lead to.

A model step we can show only in an apartment. Here we confidently feel an even surface under feet, what can not be said about a street. Sidewalks, as though for a ride with obstacles, only on foot. There hump, and there fossula, and as that to go round everything so that did a shoe and feet remain whole? Every day the same route, and successfully passing him is not succeeded.

What it costs, say, to the girl in new shoes to pass even one hundred meters on twelve centimeters heels. In her ideas only one: if only not to get stick and not muddle a heel in a crack between a tile. And a posture is here needed yet and to hold. Well, when all does without annoying cases. But it can happen and such, that a girl, not retaining an equilibrium or slipping, falls to the ground. Heels break a secret, but far worse, to get a trauma.

But to look similarly it is beautifully possible without these suffering. Fortunately, today we have a large assortment of beautiful, comfortable types of shoe suited to every fancy. It does not forge your motions and adds to the confidence.

Pick up a shoe under a weather

In a day a weather gave bright, yet warm ray of a sun to us, and under an evening already perceptible cold that penetrates you to the bones and you restrain temper, not to tremble. Certainly, thin stockings, bright very light dress and boots on high heels, not quite befit for such season and daypart. Try in such kind to wait till bus, and then to pass in him, a bit holding out on feet. Coming from him, it is desirable to look similarly beautifully, but not to feel to discomfort.

And you already dream as possible quicker to call at the room and whip off this shoe finally. Tired and filling out feet want rest. And you give to them to enjoy this whole night, to next morning, again to fetter them.

A winter is rich in snows and likes to frighten us ice-storm. Not to put on shoes high and thin pins on such weather. In such shoe you risk and to the step not to step, will step but even if, then it can make off not better in all for you. On a winter it is better to elect for itself warm, comfortable, and main proof shoe. It must be without heels, and yet better, not on a thin sole, that feet froze not so. It is needed to elect a leather shoe: him and looking after more easily and will last longer. What can not be said about a suede: very many of troubles them.

A spring comes on changing to the snow-white winter and welcomes us melting of snow and puddles. On such weather it is better to choose rubber knee-boots that use popularity among young girls. They and look (it is possible to choose with any picture) stylishly, and will help to save feet dry. Such shoe will be useful in autumn rains. When gradually gets warm it is possible to pass to balet, debiteuses, keds, trainers, sandals on a subzero sole – it exactly that, in what you will feel comfortably every day. High heels we advise to put on shoes only on some events, where it is not needed constantly to be afoot, and it is possible to sit and give to rest to the feet.

Now there is plenty of shoe of different kind. But it is first of all needed to look at his quality.

Problems of feet, caused by a shoe

Scientists found out from the American rheumatology college, that carrying of shoe on high heels can assist to development of diseases of joints in the future. It is therefore needed more careful to behave to her choice.

First of all, it is a tiredness of feet. But if she can pass quickly enough, then a next disease can remain with you for life. Talked about a phlebeurysm (this increase of veins, change of their form and reduction of elasticity). With such problems of feet as plantar callosities and callosities every girl clashes almost. And then they are ashamed to show the legs on a beach. A close shoe complicates circulation of blood. From a shoe edemata and onychalgia appear on high heels.

Such symptoms do not need to be abandoned by unnoticed, and at once to begin treatment. At an edema it is possible to use the special ointments. In respect of callosities, the that gluing on of plaster will help, when wound yet not very large and not sickly. But when already a plaster does not help even, then it is needed to change a shoe on such in that sickly places were open and breathed.

Another method to get rid from an onychalgia it is possible by means of warm birdbath and massage of feet. After it to smear feet cream and give to them to rest.

In case of occurring of the protracted diseases of feet it is needed to see a doctor, there a professional help will be rendered you.

Advices for the choice of shoe

In order that you carried a shoe with gladness, but not with pain, it is necessary responsibly to behave to his choice. Main to pick up a correct size:, that a leg did not fall out, and, that did not compress. Trying on a shoe is needed on both legs, in fact be considered that for everybody one of feet has a greater size a bit. After trying on, it is needed to walk in her, to feel that a leg is “on the place”. A shoe must befit not only on length but also on a width. It is better to pick up for itself such model in that tiptoes were not compressed.

But if you at home, once again trying on the just bought pair of shoe understood however, that it not your, you always can appeal to the shop with the request of exchange.

That elects young people

Among the girls polled by me 20 from 17 to of 90% give preference comfortable shoe without heels. “Keds I carry. I hate heels. I do not divide an idea those, who considers that the choice of shoe influences on attention to you from the side of opposite sex. Id est if will put on shoes heels, then you at once steep girl and all you “respect”. My experience proves quite another, whether that to me guys such wrong meet”, – such opinion was expressed by the student of the third course Marina. And the admirer of high heels, Julius, so grounded the choice: “Shoe is able to do you higher and more slender, id est to create the illusion of ideal girl”. Anastasiya considers that “it is our fate to suffer and carry these heels”! In respect of guys, then, judging on their words, shoe that is carried by girls does not have no value for them. “Main not that on a girl, and she”, – declared Verkholiuk Vasyl.

Then it seems that it is not needed on the unhealed wounds on feet from a yesterday’s evening-party to put on shoes again the same uncomfortable.


A Doctor-orthopaedist considers most optimal heels 3-5 sm. If to walk in a shoe with very high heels, then loading takes place only on the forehand of foot, consequently all bodyweight falls on fingers. Then with them there are problems such as a “cone”(as they say in people) on thumbs.

It is not needed to forget that we are future mothers. And who to look after our health except us. About the future it is needed to think already today.

Nataliia Yurash