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Case is not for women

Women who break stereotypes

We used to think that success can only do business men. They say a woman lacks those qualities that are necessary for business. However, experience proves otherwise. Every day we have a wonderful opportunity to observe the progressive young businesswoman who build their own business from scratch. We speak with Marina Kutsenko, owner of the studio, and Daria Babich, owner of art school, about how a woman really be successful in business.

When and how the idea of business?

Marina Kutsenko: Actually embryo idea came back when I first paid for my favorite game-entertainment – photo session. I take pictures since childhood. Instead of simply chat with girlfriends, I made them a kind of beauty and photographing the result. Once received the money for it and immediately realized that his passion can make. Later in my life was Kundalini yoga, so the idea to engage in professional photos just came to me in meditation. So I just grabbed for it, bought a good camera, got the necessary qualifications and went to work.

Dariia Babich: In fact there were many components of what I now call the realization of their dreams. They acted as if in a chain, influencing each other. I worked as an architect, but, frankly, has always been a desire to work on yourself and get decent money. For some time I posposterihala by internal processes in various art studios and realized that I could not get worse. Moreover, I have my original approach: I work with children as with adults, selecting the one method that best reveal their talents. I remember the subject of his thesis – “Art School boarding accommodation with nonresident children.” I think it was the first bell of my future work. Moreover, creative art technology has always been a mystery to me, which is now open on the basis of their own school.

Who helped you with the realization? Advisers were or had to do everything yourself? How many people in your team now?

Marina Kutsenko: With the implementation helped the light of angels in fine and physical bodies. Also, of course, parents and friends. Photo in the format in which it engaged me – a sort of plastic pink plotyka at sea: you want – you lay on your back and look at the sky, and tired – lie on plotyk and sailed to the coast or somewhere else. Wind a machinery type boats or ships that are prestigious and significant in the business world – fine, but my plotyk requires much less effort and physical, and moral! This is my freedom and a certain stability. The process involves the creation of pictures I different people: the makeup artists, and stylists, but actually in small projects to me much more interesting to do everything itself. Then I feel better and the image of man himself.

Dariia Babich: When started, we suggest, was to support anyone. I even seemed to work one easily. I am now firmly convinced of the opposite. I have already formed an integrated team of helpers: parents, friends, students and artists, which I call the magicians, who herself was a student.

What do you think the biggest difficulty has to overcome a young girl who opens your business?

Marina Kutsenko: Тot know how to do it is young and not girls, but regardless of age and gender, we all somehow drawn, and the staff helped or hindered in the case. For example, I not very clear documentation, so I did not particularly zahlyblyuyusya and konsultuyusya with those in the more savvy. Also, the financial aspects. I am much easier for me then practice as mediators, because by latitude cordial can do a lot of discounts or even free to do the work.

Dariia Babich: I’m hard to separate by gender principle of professional life, but I think the worst thing for a young girl – is not able to realize and find a decent resistance. I believe in living a simple action rules: implementing and improving yourself vidkryvaysya people – and all obstacles melt away before our eyes. After all, it works in all areas of life, not just in business. But even being self-sufficient businesswoman, it is important not to forget how to cook soup.

They say to do business, professional education is optional. Agree? Ideas and enough desire for the successful development of business without the appropriate knowledge?

Marina Kutsenko: Each is individually. As for me, so I have the necessary education, but there are many unique talents that are successfully doing business without an education. To be honest, I think that education – is a formal thing, it seems normal repair apartments, when you vselyayetesya, you begin to eat away all your needs – to go on training, learn from the masters themselves to improve in this area.

Dariia Babich: Of course, that idea’s good enough for a successful promotion. The main thing – is clear about what you want and not think about the obstacles that might hamper. Then there is an amazing thing. All around helps you in achieving the goals: the events and people around. But education, in my opinion, you can get already in the process of doing business, in practice it is much better.

There is a stereotype that a man is much easier to do business than women.What think about this?

Marina Kutsenko: Maybe something in this. Business – this is something taken from the man’s mind. Women in this topic are of different reasons: some want independence, someone wants to compete, and someone is playing with a masculine role. I know many women who are tired of it even being outwardly successful. In my business – this is the case for some time evolution of the soul, then this tired in a person begins to invest in the most stable design – the way to himself. In each he was called by different doors, but it is a fact. Business implementation – is the third chakra plan in terms of yoga, but after it goes to the most important – plan of the heart, finding inner harmony and love. In fact, there is also a place for business, just the outlines of a much softer and it may not be spouting this in financial terms, but it brings more satisfaction, understanding yourself and domestic comfort.

Dariia Babich: I think the business is still a man more right than a woman. This is an area where he realizes himself, gets life battery, a sort of adrenaline. Therefore, men in business look organic. I agree that business – it is purely male thing. But women can also manifest itself here. Just seen this in another way – somehow easier hraylyvishe. For us it is more hobby than business life.

If not for business, what would you have?

Marina Kutsenko: I think nothing I would not have worked. My small studio allows you to open yourself a little different, but of this I myself begin to better understand themselves, and it amazingly. Now I still get paid, so it can be called a business. If not paid? I would also continue to do so, perhaps in some different form, because that is what makes me happy! Besides photos, I still am Kundalini yoga classes and it is also exactly what I like now. I am happy that represents your hobby into new areas and get a financial reward for what I do with joy and love.

Dariia Babich: I generally abolished in my vocabulary a reversible “if not.” I do what brings me pleasure and simultaneously getting a second education – art. And writing now and preparing for a solo exhibition in Ukraine and France. I try to do everything outside the box to get the best results. This I always helped my teacher V. Bronnikov, who has developed a method of developing latent abilities of people with brain activation and creative thinking. Together with him we started writing a book on these unique features – “Creative Technology paintings based on phantom sensations.” I am convinced that the work of many start a new venture. So anyway, I do not see other ways of life for themselves, than work. I rozvyvayusya in this direction in all facets and each is looking for new opportunities.

What are the top 5 tips you have given to the girl, who starts his job?

Marina Kutsenko: Being in touch with you and every little step of seeing to its highest realization and really near to it. It is also important to dedicate the fruits of their work to others, then it really vibrates an amazing light! And be gracious to me: no business is worth violence against him and his beautiful soul. Be inspired, radiant and beautiful – and all just nalashtuyetsya even better than planned.

Dariia Babich: The most important is my advice – listen only to your heart, for it has never you do not rob. Intuition – this is my favorite and most reliable navigator. The other important thing: believe in yourself and in the “magic” that you yourself create. Honestly, analyzing what I made, it appears that someone is acting on me, so it looks unreal. And people believe it and be grateful for all the support and understanding that they give you. Believe me, everything you do – is for people, not for themselves. For business based on your own ego, not long survive. You have to love their job safely and to meet changes, new experiences, knowledge and continuous learning. Any change is only for the better, say from personal experience.

Juliia Hudoshnyk