01.01.2014 - News

New Year’s carnival will be held in Cape Town

Jan. 2 in the capital of South Africa will host the traditional Kaapse Klopse – “Carnival of color.” 

Kaapse Klopse is one of the oldest and most colorful celebrations of the capital. The so-called “carnival color” – a festival of minstrels who held annually in Cape Town. Usually to the streets 13,000 minstrels, dressed in bright colors or with colorful umbrellas and musical instruments in their hands. They sing songs and dance.

History Kaapse Klopse began in the XIX century: after celebrating New Year’s black slaves were given just one day off, in which they held a big happy holiday. At the same time in Cape Town show became popular white artists, ridiculed the “black” dances and songs: they painted face with burnt cork and dressed ostentatiously and ridiculous. Slaves in turn became the parody of immigrants from Europe: wear masks of white clay and compose humorous songs.

The parade will begin at about 12:00 am in District Six in Cape Town. During the carnival in the streets of the city will be installed numerous stalls where you can eat and buy souvenirs.

Author: Olga Broskova
Source: citypress.co.za