05.06.2014 - News

The new terminal at Heathrow Airport has earned


The first plane landed at the new Terminal 2 London Heathrow Airport.

For the construction of spent 2.5 billion pounds. The airport has decided this time to gradually enter into the terminal to avoid the chaos – turn, delays, loss of luggage – which was accompanied by the opening of Terminal 5 in 2008.

First day of the terminal will be implemented only 36 flights. But by October, when all the 26 airlines will be willing to work every day will be served 330 flights.

No problem no cost. The first flight from Chicago American Airlines United Airlines had to arrive at 8.35 am, but because of objective reasons it was delayed almost 3 hours. Passengers traveling to the airport were forced to stay on the road because of a strike of employees Heathrow Express rail line.

At Terminal 2 is a 60 passenger check-in counters, 66 automatic devices for self-registration, 29 zones security controls, 33 shops, 17 restaurants and more than 4,000 seats, 634 toilets and 42 fountains with drinking water. Within 6 months was conducted over 180 trials involving 14,000 volunteers.

Terminal 2 officially called “Terminal Queen”. After surgical opening June 4, Queen along with the Duke of Edinburgh officially open it on June 23.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source: telegraph.co.uk