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Image Paris 1920 presented at the Museum of Philadelphia

This autumn exhibition at the Museum of Art Philadelphia ” Leger : The capital of modern art and ” talk about art and urban culture in the Paris of the 1920s.

The exhibition is based on the painting “The City” – an example of the monumental post-cubic painting – Leger created in 1919 after serving in the French army during the First World War. It reflects the density and spatial complexity of the urban environment.

In addition to ” The City” , the exhibition features some 180 works, depicting a variety of habitats, a third of them created Leger , the rest – in other painters, sculptors , architects , writers, graphic artists and filmmakers who shared his outlook, and with whom he sometimes collaborated .

Among those works clearly follows the idea of ​​publicity and love Leger to visual language billboards, road signs and shopping marts , illustrated with paintings, prints and posters of Leger, artist Gerald Murphy, posters and designers Cassandra Jean Charles , and other works . The exhibition also displays interest Leger to the theater and cinema : the visitors are presented with sets of costumes for film and ballet, created by him , Francis Picabia , Alexandra Exter and others, as well as movies and other Leger . In 1920 Leger actually decided to give up painting for filmmaking , and helped make experimental film “Mechanical Ballet” , which did not have a storyline or script , but the score was for sixteen players on the piano, three aircraft propellers , sirens and seven electric bells .

Another of the themes of the exhibition – space – illustrated abstract compositions Leger on the walls , inspired by theories of the architect Le Corbusier, and is intended as decorative architectural panels. There are also works here Le Corbusier, Theo van Dosburga artist , architect Robert Mallet- Stevens and sculptor Alexander Archipenko .

Speaking about the film ” City ” both literally and figuratively Anna Wali , curator of the exhibition , said : “Metropolis has introduced a new way of seeing and demanded new methods of art-making . This inspired Leger explore the boundaries between different art forms and between fine art and general culture. “

Timothy Rub , director and CEO of the Philadelphia Museum of Art , called “City” one of the finest works in the museum’s collection and a milestone in the history of modern art .

The museum offers private guided tours of the exhibition tours on Thursdays and Sundays at 9:30 am , before its opening to the public.

In addition, four hotels Philadelphia – «Alexander Inn», «Four Seasons», «Inn at Penn» and «Rittenhouse» – offer packages that offer rooms , tickets to shows, 10 % discount in the museum shop and free Leger -themed dessert at the museum restaurant ” Granite Hill “.

After closing in Philadelphia January 5, 2014 , the exhibition will travel to Venice.

 Author: Anastasiia Trepyton