18.09.2013 - News

Oktoberfest kicks off on September 21

One of the biggest folk festivals, 180th Oktoberfest Beer Festival (also known as «Wiesn» kicks off Sept. 21, 2013.

Each year, the Oktoberfest attracts about 6 million visitors who come to Munich in Bavaria, Germany and other countries. Celebration will be held in the meadow Teresa – in the heart of Munich, near the main railway station. The duration of the holiday is 16 days. The event will feature plenty of beer tents and a variety of attractions.

Organizes and conducts the administration of Munich’s Oktoberfest. The festival will take part in the Munich brewers who cooked for the occasion a special beer with an alcohol content of 5.8-6.3 %. This drink is usually called the March or Vienna. Beer spread the waitresses dressed in old German costumes.

On the opening day, at exactly 12:00, the mayor uncorked a barrel of beer, which will launch “beer marathon .”

The festival will involve 14 giant beer tents, popularly referred to as the ” tents “. The biggest of them belongs to the Munich beer «Hofbrauhaus» and holds 11,000 people.

All the tents of different capacity and have their own characteristics. For example, a brewery Augustinian designed for 10,000 people, there is a beer brewed by monks who served from wooden barrels. Next to the beer – crossbow shooters is shooting with 14 stands for firing a crossbow. And if you want a family, quiet, relaxing holiday, then you in Winzerer Fahndl, where you can come with children.

All 16 days drinking beer will be accompanied by rich entertainment program. Will be held costume parades, processions, shooters, racing, concerts. Also waiting for you on a guided tour of the brewery and the beer museum.