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Dangerous computers

 A computer is named one of the best inventions of humanity. In one rating it occupies the first places, in other – modestly pastures back. However general meaning fulness of machine for anybody does not cause doubts. Someone considers computers a world evil, and somebody literally prays on them and does not depart for a second. For someone a clever technique becomes the article of professional interest, for other – a method to remain well-informed with all events. However there is a separate group of people. For them an intellectual machine is something like the source of dependence, modern craze of 21th century.

Hospital chart

Sickly fascination began actively to discuss computers on verge of the second millennium. First internet-dependence was admitted by illness in China. Exactly in Celestial registered most of network users in the world. Even anymore, all for a decade around the planet a new generation grew – gamers and internetoholics.

Nobody denies, that initial mission of electronic technique – to improve life of man in all his displays. However not all so it happened as thought: in digital technologies, without regard to the row of advantages, found the enormous amount of defects.

As experts mark, computers badly influence on the physical and psychological health of man. And problems with a posture, sight, negative changes in mobility of body are not the worst of them. Loss of control above time, careless attitude toward the original appearance, dissociation from the problems of life in society, daily irritation, – here the incomplete list of tendencies that become part of life of computer addict.

On results the last researches of the Chinese scientists, change in the brain of internetoholics admitted alike to converting into the nervous system of people that “sat” down on drugs or alcohol. After the scan-out of cerebral activity of seventeen dependency upon a network persons researchers educed violation in cooperation of parts of brain. Did the all experimental affirmative answer in the on a question: “Did you the repeated, however unsuccessful attempts to control the time of using the internet, abbreviate it or and quite to stop?”. Scientists named such people “digital aborigines”. It is persons with more than ten year of the internet experience and with the daily sitting near a monitor about 12 clock in twenty-four hours. Their life was described as such, that is filled by “runs” from one hyperlink to other, jabber in ICQS, splashing out of emotions in blogs, e-pistle and continuous reading of news. Thus all of it they do simultaneously.

“Digital aborigines” experience “breaking” even, as drug addicts, if them for a long time to take away from a computer. Such experiment was done by the British students of university of city Bournemouth. Dependent just on a day gave up the internet, rings by phone, television and music, whereupon described experiencing in the special blog: “In the evening instead of that surf in the internet, I decided to read. However absence of Youtube, Skype and Facebook began to gnaw my brain. In midnight I included a computer, and never in my life was a requirement in the internet yet not so strong…”

Researchers assert: such type of dependence is clinical violation that is characterized out-of-control the use of resources of world network. And his consequences can be incorrigible.

Types of computer, or internet-, dependences

Six types of obtrusive digital “slavery” distinguish, at least. First from them is passion for virtual communication and acquaintances in the internet. Permanent participating in web-forums, endless chats and correspondences in social networks, excessive amount of friends of VK or Facebook, a mountain of folias from electronic comrades is basic signs of global spider web captivity.

An informative overload or obtrusive web-surfing is following in the list of unnatural train to computer technologies. An obtrusive information retrieval on the reign of unlimited possibilities sooner or later can outgrow in a sickly desire to search anything even. Millionth revisions of pages are in the internet, abandonment from a dream and meal for the sake of new toy it is not good the good over will not be brought. However to explain to this simple truth the permanent user equivalent to beating of own head at the metallic corps of network monster. Badly it will be only to you. Internetoholic will not displace not a single attention on these gusts. They say, speak only virtually; whoever will agree, that will throw out from friends or yet worse – kill by trolling.

It is known that as one trouble, another after itself conducts. Therefore farther are «flowery» types of dependence on a network.

A sickly train to the games is a duty annoying desire of users. Basic slogan – not a day without action! Id est expression of “Life is a theatre, and people in it are actors” in such case modified and sounds as “Game is reality, and I in her main”. Children and teenagers become the victims of craze mostly. For them a spider web becomes a native house, changes attention of parents and gladness of intermingling with mates. Sport, reading, new acquaintances, depart on the second plan. The basic action of resolution is carried in a virtual theatre, and reality appears on margines of ordinariness.

By next passion of patient the internet is a financial necessity that increases with every netlogon. Wasting money is in gaming, unnecessary purchases in online-shops, permanent participating in various auctions, pseudodiscounts and fake actions, take in the vises even the most strong. The strongest will survive, id est that, who will overcome the desires and will go back into the world of ordinary people.

Distinguish also the insuperable necessity of viewing of films for the real-time mode. In such moments a patient can conduct the maximal amount of hours before the screen of computer, forces will be enough while. And them for an user usually it appears ouch as much. Even strange, as a normal man can not sleep for a few twenty-four hours and feel fully happy. Phenomenally, that do not talk.

The most abnormal is cybersexual dependence is an obtrusive train to the visit of porn sites and employment of cybersex. If all previous types of the internet illness in any case were written into the scopes of elementary propriety, then herein it follows to appeal a case to the specialist. Similar trains are a crackpot and are considered heavy violations of psyche of man. An operative fight against such is an only chance of computerholic to go back to the usual rhythm of life.

Victims of netaholics (computer dependence)

On statistics, amount of people dependency upon the internet and computers, in the world folds about 10 % from the incurrence of users. Taking into account, that the fifth of Ukrainians in age from 15 every day uses a world wide web, about million our compatriots can suffer from this illness.

The most accessible victim for electronic genius are children and teenagers. They too quickly get used to computer. In virtual reality an adult kid builds the world tunes the laws of that under own necessities. Thus, for a child inadequate attitude is formed toward surrounding reality, psychologists warn. From data of the sociological questioning, anymore 70 % of modern schoolchildren, answering a question about the interests and fascinations, remember a computer equally with going in for sports, walks, communication after friends.

Certainly, without a computer it is impossible in our time to live, but all well fairly. Computer sittings must not influence on a psyche and health of child, specialists mark. And task of adults – to form for children correct attitude toward an in the latest style toy. If a teenager will spare unproportionally plenty of time on the object of dependence, then he, probably, emotionally and spiritually degrade. Such state is marked a term “pathology of youth”. For lack of time on self-improvement, own health, lack of intermingling with friends, a young man can become the sociopath. And it is an additional risk for the future of all nation.

Scientists distinguish such signs of virtual addiction:

1. A man stops to notice the flow of time, as too trapped by playing for a computer;

2. Origin of strong irritation in moment, when she is distracted from favourite employment – sitting in the internet;

3. A patient forgets about work, family, friends, personal life, rest, tiredness and т. д.;

4. A man feels out of harm’s way only in a world wide web, and when appears out of her limits, then panics at once;

5. The Internet-dependent feels dryness in eyes and pain in joints, sleeps badly, quite often gains weight superfluous.

Mostly dependency upon the technological constituent of the internet such groups of people become:

  • Lonely people;
  • To put, that remained regardless parents;
  • Kid from that parents of buy off by technological toys;
  • People that did not realize itself in the real world;
  • Persons are with psychological defects and complexes.

From venturesome dependence the impoverished layers of population, people, for that winning becomes an only hope on the change of life and people dependency directly upon the process of game, suffer also.

Computer therapy

Specialists mark: getting of from computer dependence fully is real. Mainly is a desire of patients, or, as they are named, internetaddicts.

In an order to be cured, physicians offer the row of simple advices. For example, to do the protracted interruptions during in a network, anymore to intermingle with those friends that indifferently behave to the internet. And, more main all, more often to go out in the real light – in shops, museums, parkas, theatres. For treatment of dependence psychologists use other methods. For an example, influence on the areas of cerebrum: man in such moments as though has a rest from obtrusive ideas about a game.

Ukrainians all more often call to such specialists, that they helped them to go back into the real life. Usually the parents of teenagers come with such requests. Psychologists consider however, that amount of Ukrainians that treat oneself from internet-dependence is wretched. Real numbers of patients by a computer craze in ten, and even hundreds, one times more than the officially promulgated is given.

It costs to follow suit Ukraine from Great Britain, USA or China, where such dependence was admitted by the real disease. Here fight in every way with her, and the state of patients is equated with narcotic. For us a situation is interpreted quite othergates. They say, a computer is the method of original escape from the world that helps a man to outlive difficult vital circumstances. Only nobody begins to think for some reason, that problems remain, but attempt to live in new reality it is not good good over will not bring.

Comment of specialist

Svitlana Yarema, psychologist

In Ukraine internet-dependence is not the officially confessed illness. For consider some reason, that it a problem is legal, id est it is necessary to forbid, to compel and т. д. But it is a psychological problem. While a man will not realize his dependence, will not come and will not want about her to talk, the dependent will not be cured. Psychologists can render support, but not everybody comes.

As for parents that apply to the specialists for help for the children, then my advice for them are do not forbid. After establishment of limitations a child will begin to rebel. And then a son or daughter will be at already a not home, but in the middle of nowhere. It ensues from early age to acquaint a child with a computer and train to him. Then a kid will understand that it is a not toy and will have a culture of work with a technique. But more main all is attention. As a rule, dependence arises up from the lack of attention of parents that is farmed by a technique from a child.

A test for determination of dependence on the internet

1. Did you feel some time disturbed over the internet (whether you think of previous on-line sessions and whether expect the following)?

2. Do you test a requirement in the increase of time that now conduct in a network?

3. Did you have unsuccessful attempts to control, to limit or stop the use of the internet?

4. Does feel tired, low-spirited or angry during attempts to limit or stop using the internet?

5. How some time are on-line assumed more than?

6. Did you have cases, when the risk of appearance of problems at work, studies or in the personal life took place through influence of the internet?

7. Did it happen to you to lie to the family members, doctors or other people, to hide time of stay in a network?

8. Do you use the internet in an order to escape a little rather from problems and bad mood(for example, from sense of helplessness, guilt, crossness or depression)?

If you gave five and more positive answers for these questions, then your diagnosis is an internet-addict. Necessarily appeal for help to the specialist.

Yuliia Luchyk