29.10.2013 - News

Travel agent’s mistake: Granada&Grenada

A tourist from the UK sent to the Caribbean island of Grenada  instead of the Spanish Granada because of a typo in the ticket.

62 -year-old resident of Britain planned a trip to Granada to see the famous Alhambra Palace. It was an item from the “bucket list” of activities after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has successfully booked a ticket and boarded a plane. However, 2 hours after take-off it revealed that the plane sent to Caribbean, not to Spain.
“Talking with my fellow traveler, I said that I can not wait for the time when I finally see the Alhambra. She replied that the aircraft does not fly there,” – says Lamenda Kingdon.
It was found that booking mistake was accomplished: destination was the Caribbean island of Grenada instead of Spanish Granada. During a stop on the island of St. Luciathe passenger  have replaced on a flight to London. A day later she flew to Malaga, where is the nearest airport to Granada.
The company “Avios”, which served Mrs. Kingdon apologized for the mistake and gave the woman enough point to the next journey from the “bucket list”. The woman has already received permission from their doctors, and next year she will go to New Zealand.

Author: Olga Broskova
Source: www.news.com.au