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Design features of some rooms

Every room of your house has its own purpose, in each of them you do certain things. Accordingly, each room should have such a power, which adjusts to the desired wave of energy that would be attached. A good climate depends on the design of the room: the right choice of furniture, certain colors, lighting, etc. About how to arrange each room of your home, you can learn from this article.

The corridor: apartment overture

The corridor is not street, but not a dwelling. Despite this, it also requires the arrangement that is not worse than the one of other rooms in the house. It is important to make the corridor a comfortable and convenient place for the things that we leave there every day – hats, umbrellas, handbags, outerwear – so they could “feel” at home. Do not forget that the guests who will visit your apartment, first of all turn their attention to the corridor. That’s why this room has to be interesting, to prepare your friends for further travel of  “new territories”. The corridor, like overture, should set the tone for the entire work.

Surely we can say that most of us are far from being delighted with our corridors. Sometimes it seems that architects who conceived the project of a house, deliberately made the corridor the most uncomfortable room. How else can one explain the fact that the corridor, in most cases is closely and dark? Consider ways that you can apply to extend it visually.

If you have a corridor-hallway, then your main problem is tightness. Do not resort to radical actions, such as the redevelopment of area, a small corridor could be extended at least visually. To do this, follow certain rules. First, avoid a lot of decor, small parts and objects. Secondly, the furniture in the hallway should be shallow, with no protrusions and have a sliding mirror panels (so when you open the doors it does not obstruct the free space). Thirdly, it is recommended to give preference to small original shelves and racks, which will occupy little space and time and will be a decorative ornament.

If you have a long and narrow corridor, then a good idea would be to separate it into two zones: the entrance and vestibule. This can be done by covering the floor in different materials. For the entrance zone an optimal solution would the tiles, which have passed into the linoleum or hardwood floor in the vestibule area. For this separation, you can use the difference in the color design of the room. The original version is to separate an entrance zone due to the difference in the levels of floor – it should raise a few steps up from the surface of the vestibule area and have a little more narrow passage.

If you have no desire or ability to do alterations, it is possible, as in the first case, to enlarge the room visually. In order to get the feeling at the entrance of “bathing in the light”, make the corridor lighting bright and intense. Do not use dark colors, cool shades will look perfectly. You can add room to your corridor if you put there a few mirrors extended from floor to ceiling. As for furniture,  for such corridor you can choose flat plain wardrobes for clothes and shoes, opened original hangers and a small table for your phone.

Living room: for myself and for people 

If you are curious what are designer’s opinion on which room most clearly reflects the artistic tastes, personality and financial status of house owners, you probably hear that it is a living room. This room is intended for the main everyday event  - meeting the family after a hard day. That is why it is important to make it unique.

Typically, a living room is the largest room in the house, where the interests of all its inhabitants are crossed, so it is important to create a comfortable micro-climate in it for the family as a whole and for each of its individual members.

Living room design options, as well as any other corner of your home can be numerous, some required elements in this case does not exist. When placing this room you can translate any original ideas, because living room is a perfect place for experiments.

The main objective of the regeneration will be a combination of living room in one of two areas: for families and for entertaining and good cheer. There are two ways out of this situation: either to separate these two zones, or to combine them. The first option is more suitable for large rooms. In it you will be able to combine furniture for dining and upholstered furniture, coffee table, bookshelves, TV.

If you combine zones, you need to plan the best places for recreation and entertainment, not only for yourself but also for the guests. Therefore, in the interior of a room next to the soft furnishings and floor lamp can accommodate a table for lunch, on the walls and shelves – a collection of souvenirs, photographs or paintings.

The living room can be filled with completely different things, and it can be drawn in different ways. The color scheme of the room is created, mainly focusing on the representation of homeowners about home comfort. It may look appropriate in muted tones, aggressive and bright colors. The main thing is to color the living room harmoniously. To do this, choose the base color and certain shades to complement it, or set off the tone with contrasting colors.

Bedroom: the solitary abode

Bedroom is quite intimate, hidden from prying eyes, here is where is peace and comfort rule the parade, this room is only for its immediate owners. This also due to decide on the style bedrooms, which can be very different from the other rooms and only match your individual tastes and needs. Despite the fact that the choice of design for bedrooms is a very intimate thing, it won’t hurt to know some rules that will help you create an atmosphere of relaxation and a complete removal from everyday worries.

The nature of the bedroom, mental attitude, which it defines, in many aspects depends on the type and color of finishing materials. Thus it is necessary to consider not only decorative, but practical properties – a good choice would be soft and warm, natural materials, capable of sound insulation. It is also important that the surface does not reflect light, as it is tiring. When choosing wallpaper is better to give preference to those that have a matte effect or the effect of expensive fabric. To finish it is important to use natural materials.

The style bedroom to a large extent is determined by the color. Yellow and gold is similar to the gamma rays of the sun. The orange color reminiscent of a warm autumn, the ripe fruit. Red color is very active, it is a symbol of love and passion, so use it to design a bedroom carefully, it can be an intense emotional agent. Violet is calm and deep, but sometimes it is too melancholic and sad. A special mood of the bedroom is attached to white and all its shades. This color can help you to sleep “in the clouds.”

While choosing a color you should also take into account the shape of the room, its ceiling height and location of the premises of the parties with respect to the light. Range of cool colors should be used in rooms oriented to the south. Warm colors are suitable for rooms facing north or west. The bright colors enhance a room, make it more spacious, and rich, intense colors reduce it.

Kitchen: a place for culinary and design experiments 

What is most important for each person in the workplace in any situation? The comfort! And this should be your basis when you’re planning a kitchen design.

You should have a simple and sure plan for your kitchen. The main goal should be a comfort and high functionality, when each piece of kitchen interior is not just convenient, but also optimal in terms of its use. All the interior should to be created under the laws of space. It is also important to equip the kitchen appliances so they are well chosen and easy to use for this type of room furnishings. There are many options of how to equip the kitchen set. It is only necessary to find your own, and you’ll get a real pearl in an ordinary apartment.

Planning and furnish your own house is as responsible, as getting married. Therefore, while creating your own apartment or house, you need to choose only the best, do not be afraid to experiment and find something new. Only in this case, you can create a special micro-climate in your nest.

Hanna Dubovskaya