23.10.2013 - News

The most modern design of the hotel of Chicago

The Langham, Chicago hotel, presented the latest postmodern trend design interior.

The hotel, visitors were able to enjoy the exquisite design, invites visitors to go even just for tea. This space generally built of stained glass in 1971 over the river. Huge windows and walls, opening incredible landscapes already caused massive seizure. Over the years the original ideas of architects continued to be implemented.

Now at – 316 luxurious and spacious rooms, spas and pools at the 12th floor of 52. Architect building Dirk Lohan ordered his grandson to create a unique design – the design of the halls of the hotel perfectly smooth expensive glass. A follower of the ideas of an experienced architect not only successfully served its purpose, but also added a unique interior ornaments that harmoniously underline the expressive design and are as if in a state of weightlessness.

The exact design calculations administration does not share: similar hotel will not play anyone. With the high floors of the hotel , tourists can see all of the most prominent landmarks Chicago: ancient towers and castles. Cheapest room price – $ 395.

Author: Victoria Kondratska
Source: nytimes.com