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Panacea from a child

During the last decades we became the witnesses of public polemic that developed round abortions. Since olden times attitude toward them was anything. In one countries of the ancient world abortions were severely forbidden, in other – a choice stood only before a woman. But always such step was reprobated as a threat to the health. However he appeared an ethic problem only then, when development of medicine swiftly went upwards…

A career and love are against children

A self word «abortion» for somebody causes fear, for somebody is a sadness. And for somebody this something usual or unavoidable. For many women abortion became one of the simplest methods of decision of problems. Can a child take away work for you, to harm to the quarry increase, to drive away a lover from you? A decision is simple: get rid from this child. But here roles change sharply. Not so a long ago you yet were a victim, fought in tears, not knowing that with that to do, but here already become an executioner, killer of own child.

– At once after a reception for a gynecologist I called by phone to the darling. Through tears, sobbing, barely able to say of, that I am pregnant. «You will be unparous! Not to that now»! These words sounded, as a sentence, from the mouths of father there is a baby that inhabited in me already eight weeks, – 19-years-old Iryna shared the tale of woe. Similar stories quite often can be heard from youth, often yet unmarried, women.

Unfortunately, it will be to establish such facts. Firstly, concentrating all forces on a career, women forget about the main setting in this world is birth of children. Secondly, when appear before a choice is a child or darling that puts an ultimatum, often a choice falls exactly on the second.

An invasion is on abortions

Humanity today tries to work out such global problems, as ecological, war and world, hunger et al. But for some reason abortions are not considered a problem that needs to be decided at world level, although she really sharply appears in modern society. Exactly a demographic problem that also belongs to the row of global swims out from here.

In most countries a problem with abortions fails to appear too sharply, as it is all clearly set legislatively. Such procedures are settled only in that case, when pregnancy threatens to life and health of mother or child (in 119 countries from 193). Only in four countries of the world, in particular in Ireland and on Malta, abortions are forbidden under any circumstances. It is although difficult to say, or correctly it, as pregnancy can doom to unhappy existence both a woman and her kid. Not many among those that actively argue against pregnancy under any circumstances, on any term, will wish to adopt a child with those or other physical or psychical defects. More correct it would be to say, that nobody. On the whole, in most European countries (such as Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Portugal) abortion at will of mother is forbidden.

Ukraine (as well as all former republics of the USSR) belongs to the number of countries, where abortions are settled without limitations. Even then, when it is required by an expectant mother and there is not a threat to life and health neither her own nor child. Although in a 27 article of Constitution of Ukraine marked: «everybody has an inalienable right on life». However such statement loses the limits, becomes diffuse and inexact.

About a right on life speech goes to the international documents. It certifies  General declaration of rights and freedoms of man(it was accepted in 1948), and also European convention (1953).

It is considered that abortion violates a right for a man on paternity. In fact the dad of the unborn child does not have no rights on her. He can not give a consent or disagree on abortion, more precisely a woman is not under an obligation to take into account his opinion. But terminating pregnancy mostly and it happens through the father of the unborn child, under his influence or pressure. Therefore does a question appear: or does not violate the persons of right for a woman?

The murder of a potential person?

Most opponents in a dispute «After and against the artificial breaking of pregnancy» does absolutely accede to expression of the former American president Ronald Reagan, that in 1987 said such: «If we do not know, when does life of individual begin, then it would not be for us it is better to count him to such, that began already? If you saw a man that inviolable lies and can not find out, living she or not, you will consider her living until will not become clear that she is dead. It is similarly needed to reason and at the decision of problem of abortions». However question about the initial moment of human life ambiguous. Most people will agree, that an embryo is yet not personality in the usual understanding of this word. To Tom, destroying embryo, a man is not killed.

A problem is here far more difficult, than it seems. Probably, she has more philosophical and ethic character, than naturally-scientific. Accordingly the that layer of society, that argues against abortions, concentrates attention on that a human embryo is potentially able to become personality. Therefore to kill him is amorally. It would mean actually to take away for him a right on life.

A church, for example, belongs to those institutes and unites ideas those, who negatively behaves to abortions. She asserts that a problem is covered not in circumstances and external problems, but in spirituality of man, soul that begins to be laid out in that moment when a man becomes on the sinful way of infanticide.

More detailed about attitude of church toward abortions – in the comment of Father Oleh:

– In pre-revolution times there was neither Pampers, nor washing-machines nor additional charges on each the baby, and the unborn children units were deprived. Thus such people yielded to cruel conviction of society. A commandment do not «kill»! then mattered very much. It is better to die, than to deprive life of innocent child. If kid by nothing to feed, then it was necessary to go on a friend, third work, to leave off smoking, to change an apartment, sell television, eat less than to the parents and to refuse to the soba in some things, but in any case not to do abortion. Sin, does not say goodbye a woman that decided on such step! She will carry him in itself all life.

So what are the reasons of choosing abortions? Firstly, one of principal reasons there is a frivolousness of people even adult, in attitude toward an own health. Secondly, for today sharply the question of education appears in family. In many of them conversations on a theme of carnal knowledge, pregnancies are forbidden. But children mature in course of time, and what not able them to tell at home, they try to make up. For it they pay the cost of own health, life of the child. Thirdly, by such method try to work out the problems and get rid from «troubles» that appeared too late.

Abortions and young people

History of one 16-years-old girl (wished not to name the name), sorrow causes, foremost. With the fellow she meets almost two years. In carnal knowledge entered approximately through half-year after the first appointment. No facilities of contraception falling in love used.  A «danger» as though went by them. But in a year after the first sexual closeness a girl felt that with her something is done. She went off to the gynecologist. Suspicions justified oneself – she yet was a child, and already carried in itself new life.

Opinions of young people in relation to an exit from a situation gathered: they decided to get rid from the unborn child. An argument was that in them very severe parents that in any case must not know about such misunderstanding. A young pair is convinced in addition,, that in them still ahead(and to put also). Another visit of gynecologist deprived them many problems. They are free now. But whether it is possible to say, that they freed oneself from own conscience, that than farther, the anymore will torment them. Especially if it will turn out that a girl never already will be able to become a mother. And similar histories it is possible to hear an enormous amount.

Polling 50 girls in age from 16 to 20 are in relation to that, or they are ready to cut pregnancy short, it is possible to make sure that only 10 from them not under what circumstances will not get rid from a child. Yet 17 from 50 will go on abortion in case that pregnancy to threaten to their health or life. And 23 the polled girls short will be cut pregnancy, if she will be ill-timed, will conflict with their plans. That it? Careerism? Most ordinary egoism? Everybody can name such tendency in its own way.

The comment of specialist

To comment on a problem with abortions we asked a manager the gynaecological department of student policlinic Svitlana Abadzharova.

Tell, please, about the methods of terminating pregnancy.

The type of abortion depends on a term. If on an early term, id est to twenty days delays of menstrual cycle, then it is mini-abortion. There are abortions on early terms and abortions on late terms, id est those that is conducted on medical testimonies.

That can you say about pills that, so to say, capable to proceed in a menstrual cycle?

There are such methods. But, probably, it is a not type of abortion, but one of methods of terminating pregnancy. Such methods are really conducted. However must apply them not very often. Conducted they must be in medical terms, under control.

What probability of that next time, after abortion, when will a woman want to become pregnant, it will succeed her?

It nobody will say you. All depends on many factors: on what background the done abortion, as done. He is not simply so done. There must be a testimony, certain inspections. It must not be the used for setting fire process, all analyses must be normal. Id est a woman must be fully inspected. Then probability of that a woman will become pregnant and will have children, certainly, anymore. However possibility mother child diminishes next time, when interrupt the first pregnancy exactly.

Lately do abortions more often do the women of senior age or girls that arrive at the period of the sexual ripening are more young, 25 to?

I am difficult to say in relation to senior women, in fact a specific of our clinic is young people. Girls terminate pregnancy often enough. Although, it would seem, in our time methods of contraception sufficiently, there is an enormous amount of literature, unlimited access to the Internet. All of it would teach them to prevent undesirable pregnancy.

Say on own experience: during the last time the amount of abortions increases?

I am difficult to answer this question. According to our statistics, the amount of abortions diminishes. But it happens so, probably, not due to that them it was begun less than to do. Reason is in that many private clinics appeared. Girls do not simply reach to us. They apply there, where to them at once and terminate pregnancy.

What do you see the ways of exit on this issue?

Firstly, it is needed to improve literacy of young people. For us for today medicine is at such level, that methods of contraception sufficiently. It is needed more responsibly to behave to itself. It costs to think about the methods of contraception, than about terminating pregnancy. Other way simply is not.

Does modern youth realize as far as, going to abortion, that anymore can and not to have children?

In my opinion, does not realize. Young girls do not begin to think of by consequences. Me it seems to that all acts come true on emotions, and the comprehension of the actions appears already later. Woman that became pregnant to marriage could not avoid persecution and disgrace. For today extramarital pregnancy became the usual phenomenon. It becomes heroism the family.

Undesirable pregnancy is considered some misunderstanding, original state of health, short-term illness. And from such «disease» by mistake consider abortion the most effective medications.

Olena Kysilj