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Piercings: to be or not to be?

Everyone knows that fashion is often unwise, as those who blindly follow all of the latest trends, mindlessly copying mannerisms, style of dress and behavior of stars and catwalk stage. And yet it would be nothing if ladies were content merely fanciful clothes and fancy hairstyle and bright make-up and into many decorations. But today we see disappointing trend: young people wanting to meet the fashion standards maim their bodies without thinking about the consequences.

Take a look at the long queues at the office pirsera. Do not know who pirser? Shame on you! – “Righteous” indignation fans will be limits. After pirser – is someone who pierces through the human body.

The cabinet wizard prokolyuvan on a white sheet neatly laid out tools: devices for stretching the skin, clamps, curved needles of various sizes and diameters (largest – roughly pencil) … Very popular is a special gun. However, professionals believe that it tears and hurt the skin, but this stuff, do not you, dear fans piercing?

For the average citizen, probably forever remain a mystery how people can volunteer to make such rash acts in the name of illusory fashion? In our time, which can be called the Renaissance has long been neglected diseases? Today, the name “anthrax”, “cholera”, “fever” arising from the past, as if afraid of ghosts? Even in the sterile environment of hospitals and clinics, where carefully follow all rules of hygiene, the visitor is safe from infection terrible infection … In short, there is much to ponder.

So what is it – this notorious piercing? Where I came from such a dangerous, strange human quirk?

A bit of history of art piercing

Silent Denmark – home of not only the well-known Hamlet. It was there that the world was a kind of Alan Oversbi, later known as Hans of Copenhagen. He lived for thirty years no one famous person. A rozminyavshy fourth decade (late 1970s), has been actively pierce his skin, and this became famous. Well, glory be different …

Initially Hans put yourself in his ears on a small wooden bar. However, for a long time gave them hearing aids. Male perestrahovuvavsya: what is recognized crazy? A similar fate awaited the cheeks, nose septum, lips … There were places to punctures and waist. It gradually Hans proved of piercings on his body to a hundred, and the total weight of jewelry – seven pounds!

Eventually the local inhabitants and servants of Themis rebelled. Hans stood trial for “indecent behavior and violence against his own body.” During the trial Oversbi was acquitted and became a celebrity. The photographs in various magazines mad adorned with a pool cue through both cheeks, a plastic dinosaur in the nose, heel shoe in the tongue and bouquets of flowers in their ears. Over time, a guy finally lost common sense and written covenant, which demanded that his skin after his death … obtyahnuly chair. However, his last wish was not fulfilled …

However, it is eccentric Hans did not die with him. Soon piercing supporters proved Madonna band “Rolling Stones” and many other famous people. Immediately thereafter, a wave of “samoprodiryavlennya” among the music lovers. Not remained aloof and renowned model Nadia Auerman. However, it was not so keen way to decorate your body to frustrate yourself. Piercing model was unreal. How many stars gullible fans had to take her example?

How are they?

Actually piercing originated long ago, at the dawn of civilization. In ancient Rome, for example, a metal ring in the ear vdyahalosya only slaves. Mayan Indians inserted in cheek, gold tube, which was equal to the number of their dead enemies. In Africa, widely practiced perforated noses – is considered a sign of the local aristocracy. In short, the history of mankind had piercings and educated, and completely “dark” supporters (the latter, incidentally, was much more).

And what is the treatment of piercing in the modern world? Difficult one to answer. In America, for example, there are a lot of fans of extreme decoration for your own body. But in France, which, incidentally, is the fashion setter, attitude toward piercing purely negative. In Paris you can heal unprecedented fame zuhvaltsya, if pierced in the nose to go to the bank, or, worse, in an interview.

And what makes doing such things popular stars of show business? The desire to assert themselves? I think it is more present to people in their teens. Striving its economy from others? Hardly so you can achieve otherness, rather the opposite. “I do not know who to find the words to clearly and comprehensibly explain why I decided to pierce navel”, – says Valery Leontiev. Well, it is an exhaustive explanation …

No need to strain your memory especially to name at least a few well-known examples: Konstantin Kinchev (ear), Linda (nose), Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. (ear), Bari Alibasov (nose) and many others. Look at them, our girls and boys and unconsciously attracted by the advertiser. Yeah! That should be, “piercing on any parts of the body. Affordable prices. Phone … “So we went back to where to begin: pirsera queues in front of the cabinet.

No, this writer no way opposed to fashion! Each generation should have their whims, their slang and their fancy stuff. But should not lose common sense and always critically evaluate what we offer. Think: what top-notch professional body piercing famous stars that they have a high degree of protection against further complications! A selection of metal? It is not all the “glands” same effect on the body. You have all these conditions? If so, can pierce whatever heart desires! No? Then Consider whether to pursue such questionable beauty, become another victim of fashion, being exposed to danger. Needless to balance the whims of others and their own health?

Types of Piercing

Piercing ears. This – the most common type of piercing, known since ancient times. A long time in Europe pierced ears only women. Interestingly, in Tsarist ears pierced themselves well and sailors. They pierced ears showed that its owner once crossed the equator. This type of piercing is widespread today, because, firstly, it has its own traditions in our lives, and, secondly, pain in ear lobe piercing are virtually absent.

Piercing lips and tongue. Decoration and the puncture should be chosen based on individual anatomical features, because there is a large risk of edema, which may block airway and impede the process of respiration. Fabrics lips and tongue quickly restored, but the piercing is quite unpleasant sensations. Immediately after piercing a person can seriously change diction. There are restrictions on the use of certain foods.

Piercing navel. Common type of piercing, so much so that even begins to be full of bad taste. Heal for a long time – 2-7 months – and is the most malleable to drift occurrence of various infections and inflammatory processes. After puncture should limit the load on the abdominal muscles.

Piercing eyebrow. This type of piercing is quite difficult to perform, because it was under eyebrow area is a large number of nerve endings. Amateur performance piercing can lead to serious visual impairment, or even its complete loss. Piercing is accompanied by significant painful sensations. In case of normal heals in about a month.

Piercing nose. Also quite famous type of piercing. It is worth remembering that he ought not to everyone. Moreover, requires professionalism and skill of the master.

Piercing genitals. Painful and risky kind of piercing. If such a delicate matter is taken not professional but casual person, there is a high probability of injury to the genitals, which may adversely affect the health and reproductive abilities of man. Women tend to resort to genital piercing to make their sexual feelings are more vivid. Men also often pursue similar goals.

Piercing nipples. May adversely affect the breast in women, especially during pregnancy and lactation. Therefore, before the puncture should always consult your doctor. Plot nipples are very sensitive and traumatic, so people with piercings in this place, often suffer from discomfort arising from mechanical contact with clothing, etc. nipple.

Viktor Dmytrovych Shabelnykov, pirser: “The profession pirsera I mastered long ago, having a medical education. My first client was myself. Practicing different types of body piercing and I can say that in my experience there was still no incidents or complaints about the poor quality work. Of course, piercing – a rather unique case, so everyone should be treated individually. Personally, I would not advise doing Scarification and Dad, if a customer is not 100 percent sure. Tsvyashok earrings or can be removed easily and should not be seen as a serious manipulation of the human body always leave traces. “

Underwater reefs

Do you know, dear fans piercing that even with piercing in different specialist ear, eyebrows and lips heal in 1-2 months, nipples and navel – 2-7 months, tongue – 2-3 months, private parts – 1-2 months?

Did you know that punctures breast cancer provoking? As the penetration of metal into flesh causing infertility and reduces skin sensitivity? As opponents of piercing is also a strong case. For example, puncture the wrong place can cause excessive bleeding or damage, urazyvshy appropriate nerve. There is also the risk of contracting AIDS, hepatitis, tetanus and tuberculosis through unsterile instruments.

Doctors believe that piercing the ear or nasal cartilage is much more dangerous for piercing the ear lobe, as in the case of infection, you may lose the entire upper part of the ear curl and insert the studs in the nose can lead to infection, which is easily transmitted to the brain via the adjacent blood vessels.

Also, do not forget that piercing, tattoos are not approved by any religion of the world. Father Zynovii, bishop, said: “Supporters of piercing human body often operate on the assertion that the Bible, they say, there is no word on the Prohibition of piercings or tattoos. However, I think everyone who is able to think critically and logically, it is clear that God does not approve of such a mockery of their own bodies. In addition, there are a number of rules which prohibit, in some cases, even for therapeutic purposes, to shed his own or someone else’s blood, and it is, of course, is directly related to the decorative prokolyuvan. “

So be or not to be piercing – it is a personal matter. However, if you still dare to such a desperate step, you should be aware of the level of danger and risk, which conceals the human body piercing.