17.04.2013 - Культура

The planet of our childhood

It all has started from a cartoon… What does the cartoon industry offer us today? Would you like your child to recieve first experience from morden children’s TV shows? To protect your kids from cultural trash, you need to learn how to choose wisely.

“Well, wait a minute!”, “Raccoon”, “A Tale of a sunflower”, “Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena” “Kapitoshka”, “Plasticine fairy tale”, “Dog Mongrel and unusual cross”, “Fly Tsokotukha”, “The three from Prostokvashino”, “The Cossacks”,”Winnie the Pooh”,”Wash’em’clean”, “The Kid and Carlson”, “Baba Yaga”, “The Snow Queen”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Pinocchio”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and many others – each remembers these cartoons. With them we grow and became wiser. They brought up in the minds of our children’s understanding of friendship. Even now, we often recall the famous, full of humanity remark of Leopold: “Guys, let’s be friends!”. This phrase has become forever instructive for all generations. And, perhaps, over time, the cartoon will not exist, and people will forget where heard these words of wisdom, but they will live and preach again and again.

What does cartoon mean for us?

Earlier animation served not only entertaining function, but also moral. This helped parents to raise us. Recall how an authoritative and thoroughly sounded in simple everyday situations and references to favorite characters from cartoons. “My daughter, what is taught by venerable Wash’em’clean?” Or, “Recall, what happened to Kai in the snow kingdom … You do not want to be as heartless? “or” Pinocchio also did not think the consequences of friendship with the sly fox and cat Basilio Alice. Poor Father Carlo! He did not even know that his own son could be deceiving… “. And there are examples of our parents at the same time simple and philosophical animated scenes can remember a lot.

Who does not adore now watching the good old Soviet cartoons? Even in adulthood, these comparatively small tales children make think deeply about the story of the current problems in our government, of self-hatred and discord Ukrainian people, the constant quarrels in parliament, the torments of Ukraine indivisible, in which we are beginning to believe… Perhaps, then, what is missing for our politicians – to sit down together and watch one day at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada a good teaching cartoon, in which, perhaps, naive, but painfully truthful stories shows the fundamental truths of human relations, which should be the main guide for the behavior of everyone.

No longer the same…

Now degradation of consciousness is brightly shown in the frankly ridiculous modern cartoons. Very rarely found on television scenes with a really humane psychological stress. All that we often can see – aggression, cruelty, hypocrisy and thoughtlessness, not to say rude. Could it build a child’s mind when by viewing the famous cartoon “Oggi and Cucarachas”, he always sees a fight, various types of fractures of the unfortunate cats, bullying each other, play with dangerous household items, explosions and other personnel that may cause a new generation of inadequate response. And worst of all – the perception of what is happening on the screen like normal things. Not to mention the widespread among young people cartoon “Happy Tree Friends». Whom will bring up a bloody mess? It is hoped that these cartoons can be viewed only adults…

We should also mention contemporary cartoons, which use explicit sex scenes. Now kids often buy their own CDs and watch them without their parents. Today, adults must carefully watch cartoons with even the most innocent names. Who knows what this one can come up with the newly multiplier to diversify and decorate the famous stories “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and “Sleeping Beauty”? Perhaps the fight against such frankness would be censorship. For example, in the UK in 2006 was the first case of censorship of cartoons. British TV channel for children «Boomerang» decided to cut out a few animated films that are shown on the national channel, with heroes smoking scenes. For the first time such a procedure applied to the classic Disney cartoon “Tom and Jerry”, a series of which, taken over 50 years ago, has been cut scenes where the characters smoke. Well, maybe it’s time to take action?

Experience of foreign animators

Relatively recently a reception was held in honor of the visit of a Hollywood screenwriter Billy Frolik, author of the famous cartoon “Madagascar” and “Over the Hedge.” Billy Frolic – top animated Hollywood screenwriter, that is included in the “A-list” of Hollywood stars. The purpose of the visit of screenwriter – the presentation of start of production of the first Ukrainian-American three-dimensional full-length animated film with the working title «Paws & Wires». Joint production of the cartoon «Paws & Wires» implements Ukrainian 3D-animation studio «Umbrella Vision» for the American film production company «Umbrella Animation Works».

Regarding the current situation in the cartoon industry Billy Frolic says: “The project «Paws & Wires» is a global event, which is extremely important for the Ukrainian output of the entertainment industry on the international market. This project can be called economic, cultural and even political bridge in relations between Ukraine and the United States. I hope that such a drastic step will manifest itself not only from the perspective of the professional performance of the animation work, and will be a good basis for the moral education of the representatives of Ukrainian and American young audience. I believe that today’s television is in need of a really good quality product. And features of the mentality of each country, in my opinion, can not stop it, because the essence of human morality doesn’t change by nationality. Therefore, we would like our children were brought up on worthy stories and learned to perceive the world that surrounds them.”

The prospects

Frankly speaking, we really would like to see the development of our national cartoon. Now, unfortunately, in this challenging industry we face difficulties. It would be nice to see again on the screens are also very sincere and good works, as “Jump to cloud”, “Two chicks fair”, “Paper Dragon”, “Cat and Cockerel”, “Goat and his grief”, “Colorful History” and many others outstanding Soviet cartoons. It is a pity that the modern animated film, despite the progressive computer graphics, promptly loses any rational. By the way, as well does national cinema. Our television is so meaningless waterflooded with soap operas that make out in this strange mass of “masterpieces” extremely difficult.

In the world they are trying to popularize the national animation. For example, in early September in China came into effect a ban on the display of foreign cartoons in prime time. This move demonstrates the desire of the Chinese authorities to limit the influence of foreign media companies and, therefore, foreign pop culture on Chinese youth. The process of displacement of foreign animation from the national arena in China began in 2000. Then the Chinese State Administration in the affairs of Radio, Film and Television has mandated that all purchases of foreign content to be approved by officials prior to its release on the air, and broadcasters have to reduce the display of foreign cartoons in order to prevent the domination of Japanese cartoon characters over the Chinese. And in 2004 it was decided that at least 60% of the cartoons that are aired, must be Chinese. Compared with Ukraine, the Chinese animation studios are fully capable to provide enough new animation quality products market of the country. Until then we have what we have.

That, what is happening on the screen, takes place in the country in general. More precisely – the chaos and permissiveness. Of course, to complain, and to prefer the return of “happy Soviet times” is not necessary, but it should be recognized that in addition to all the shortcomings of the socialist system in those days, there was a vigorous advocacy of humanity and decency. This quality could be borrowed from the Soviet period.

In today’s fast paced and bustling like a mountain river world it is so often wanted something warm and childish kind and naive. Human is constantly lost in important matters and even sometimes forgets to remember these timeless and essential things like friendship, love, honesty, compassion and humanity. To remind yourself that these concepts are still exist and are very important for us, because sometimes you want to see a good story with the famous phrase at the end: “And they lived happily ever after …”

Julia Som