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Went to rest – left or learn Thai tour

Study in Europe or the United States? Now this is not new. Do we hear a lot about education in Asia? To open your curtain a little to this phenomenon, we decided to talk with the Ukrainian student Mary of Assumption University, in Thailand. Today it is one of the leading international universities in Southeast Asia. Of course, not everyone can afford foreign universities, but knowledge not stop, if you can get them.

Mary, how are you all decided to go to Thailand?
It happened very spontaneously. I went on a winter holiday to the sea. There I have distant relatives and they offered me to stay for a month, because it is good for my health. She came for a month and stayed for four. Then I was offered a tour of the local International University. I zhodylasya. After reading my report: ” We have four days later semester begins, so you can pass the exam, we’ll tourist visa pereoformymo on training and learning can go already.” I decided not to get excited. She came here passed the external assessment. Then at the last moment changed her mind and flew to Thailand.
What kind of entrance test for you waiting for?
All examinations giving up individually. Give you a folder of papers and it must be filled. Checking grammar of English. Write an essay or something like that. It was a test, the second – you speak English. Look at your level. Also, you are asking the question in erudition.
That is, first you did not choose the way of learning? Check for general knowledge?
Yes. And be sure to test in mathematics. Wherever you went – math test. Originally abhorrest, but not too hard. Then you are asked where you want to go and depending on your department, you still give the exam. I chose Communication Arts.
Two semesters you learn with everyone and then choose your direction. That is to choose advertising, journalism, acting. It’s School Communication Arts. I want to choose a PR. This semester graduate course “Journalism and Mass Media”. Print media almost never taught.
We often organize projects as a task. One was on television journalism. Just like in real life: gathering information zapysuyeshsya on studio green background, teleprompter, two cameras. News gathered last night to literally everything to be fresh.
What is the ratio of teachers to students?
The teachers are all different for all different races, nationalities. Material in English, of course. If something is not clear, you can raise your hand and say it. The teacher will explain to you again. The attitude of the students is very good. If you want to learn, you give everything for this.
How often do you use the library?
In general, they all use the Internet. However, if you want to write some report, the list of references is required. This should be a book. Often the teacher verifies that you specified. We read the first page and the last – well, 5. And then – no. But if you’re all done, then no problem. The site is a university program that checks all matches that are only available online. Teachers use it very often. Allowed only 7 percent of the copied text.
Do you have any steel band?
There is no group as such. You choose the items himself and schedules. For example, advertising on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Chosen as convenient to you. Add to the main subject. Permission to take a minimum of two, maximum of nine courses. If you elect two, then study 6 years, no less. If 9 – 2.5 can end. The system is flexible. At various subjects walking with different students. At first I did not like it, then realized it was more familiar, more communication. Later with friends we try to put some things together.
How about Ukrainian students?
Ukrainians – a sad story. Arriving, I got to the Secretary of the Foreign Students. She told me that the university is four Ukrainian but me. Gave their phone and advised to meet. One girl I did not answer, the other sometimes encouraged. Another student had promised to meet. A year studying there and have not seen him even once.
Then who do you hang out most?
There are many Russians, “those that flee from the cold.” But again, it is translated into politics… It is said that we still had a good relationship, and now Ukraine seized U.S.. I’m much easier to communicate with Asiatics, Americans. From the French, there are, by the way, a lot, I have something happen. They try to avoid the Koreans, Chinese, and advised them not to talk.
Can you tell a little about the education system?
It is similar to an American. Primary, secondary and higher – it’s all different schools. You can choose a different training programs of varying complexity. From this has repelled universities. Some may be a level of complexity, which take. In high school you had choose the ten subjects. Of course, this plus mandatory. That is, as in the university. They are focused on practice. As in school and beyond.
No permanent seat for textbooks, ” cramming ” theory. Practice and Theory of approximately 50 to 50.
How are classes?
Some teachers give their summaries. Vidkseryly – take and learn from. Other tricky. To them listen, make summaries in the blanks and you have to fill them, watching the teacher. Some do not pay attention to whether you’re listening to. There textbook – read. I write notes, because so accustomed. Some recorders are and then sleeping in class.
How many students work part time while studying?
If you want to work, you can contact the special department. They offer you a different job, even depending on your training schedule. University of himself engaged in paperwork to have everything legally and without problems.
Who cares about the students?
Each has its own curator. With any questions you can contact him. When you make up yourself timetable for the next semester, the curator has put the seal to confirm that everything is fine. It is if you have something does not work, need advice, who better to take the subject, now or later. It can take courses as from the fifth year of study at first, and vice versa. Only a few are those that can be passed only after the passage of others. More active department works with international students. For example, with a visa no problem. Just come with your passport and come back in a few days. All they do.
What distinguishes evaluation system in Assumption University from ours?
We have four sessions a year, that is, two per semester. It is approximately 24 examinations per year. A sort of mid term exams, as I call them, and the final. You learn two months later ydus secondary exams almost all subjects. The material that you have already passed, no longer given. You learn two and a half months and giving up final exams. Very rarely made tests for the whole year, because they’re pretty solid. Similar to external evaluation. Check users, a separate place and tests, essay or question. As early as the first day of class we are given a printout, indicating that much work is in the ratio. The entire course – it is 100 percent. If you have 90, you get A, that is fine. Some great items beginning with 80 percent. For example, mathematics. If after submission of all you have less than 40 percent believed that you do not pass the subject. All work is evaluated as a percentage. No additional work. What’s the plan with that and you can earn. If, for example, in Deadlines are not invested, then the next class, it will be minus 50 percent.
Of course, if you’re sick and bring help, you can still work out. But if he was missing more than a month, then decide whether you will have an individual course or repeat. You do not pay the money, but after all again. Terms quite tough.
How long is continuing education?
Undergraduate – about four years. As in Ukraine. Of course, it still depends on how many items you take per semester. If you take seven or eight, then four years of the bachelor wilt. In the summer holidays, you can also learn. This is a maximum of three items.
And many who want to learn, while others rest?
Enough. The reason is also that some insured for fear that not make the test. And so will supply. Some just want to learn for 2.5 years.
And where you want to enter, even when I was in Ukraine?
I clearly had not yet decided, but my mother insisted on a very international relations in Shevchenko. It does not regret that there is no learning to be honest. Recently met childhood friend who is now studying in KIIR. The overall picture I saw. Expensive things dog at hand and words together can bind. I think that if they have the money, it is better to use them to good use. For example, you can go to study in England or something like that.
That is, if you have the opportunity, it is better to go to study abroad?
This is a tough question. We have good teaching base. In Soviet times, domestic education was one of the best in the world. Now, of course, the situation is different. Disappointing fact of corruption in universities.
What I still do not like in the Ukrainian education is the lack of any international university, none of the software in English. A foreigner with no knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian study is impossible, even if he really loved this country. It is the same if I was going to Thailand and I would have to study the Thai, which, incidentally, is very complex.
For foreigners are free courses Thai. This is only optional, no one is forcing her to teach.
I want to learn English, because the world is nowhere without it. In Ukraine this possibility I do not. And that’s a big minus our education.
You can add something to the ” pros ” of education in Ukraine?
Good thing we have a budget study. Because we understand that most would not be able to pay for the contract. In Thailand in general this phenomenon is not. This is due to the fact that in this country a very strong middle class.
Do you plan to return to Ukraine after training?
I would really like to, because I love this country. But I understand that things do not resolve your knowledge, skills, and connections, bribery. Perhaps the master will go to study in Europe or America. And I have no clear plan.
I hope that with time the situation in Ukraine will improve and we have to make a choice: stay here or look crazy abroad.

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