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We will talk about vizag

Each of us have little cunnings that help to underline the irreproachable appearance us. And it is possible one of them to name vizag. Producing an image he plays a basic role. It is impossible to create the style without a make-up, in fact without him he will be incomplete. Let now we will talk about vizag.

Little woman secrets

Morning… Do we wake up and at once us the enormous amount of questions begins to disturb: that to dress today? what make-up to do? what hair-do to choose? A head simply go around. you go near a closet, open him and the heap of clothing falls out on you. You are unit cost a hour before her and understand that to dress nothing… Real dilemma. And you begin measure all cloak-room, by hours twirl before a mirror and all in an order to be beautiful and to please to the elect.

Оh, as it is difficult! How many this time takes away! But nevertheless, after a long clock conducted before a mirror, we create the character to date, we create itself. Herein we are helped our little secrets, in fact a woman knows how to please to other, knows how to be beautiful.

By the pages of history : as all began

Since olden times women wanted perfection. As early as ancient Egypt a main accent was put exactly on appearance. They underlined the lines of the person and spared the special attention to the hair-do. Time changed and in accordance with him the ideals of beauty. Luxurious actresses always became idols. Exactly they dictated and emulated a fashion and style.

One of standards of beauty an even, light skin was considered in pre-war times, chasing after that fashion plate of the whole world exhausted itself a dangerous cosmetic on the basis of arsenic. The tragedy of that epoch was that complete prohibition was on a decorative cosmetic. At that time it was equated with death of man in the eyes of society. Afterwards, at support of these actresses, in a fashion bright rouges, pomade and pencil, began to be included for eyebrows.

A bloom short of empire of fashion was cut by the years of First world war. On treason to the salons of Puare, black week-days came a luxury with the sullen tints. Brilliance of luxurious dress changed on black dresses. But so could not last long. Changes were inevitable. By virtue of that women began to execute all masculine work, they began to get used to uniform, that afterwards resulted in the origin of woman pantaloons. A tendency appeared to the short hair-cuttings, eyes strongly tricked into a pencil, lips vulgarly dyed a pomade, on a skin inflicted pink powder. The actress of the mute cinema  became the ideal of beauty Gloria Swanson.

But time changed. And together with him idols and tendencies changed in the world of fashion. On changing Gloria Swanson the well-known lady of Coco Chanel came already. Popular she was always, but ascent on Olympus her house of fashion of beginning exactly in 1920-1929. To the ladies that so became bored on brilliance she offered luxurious dresses for cocktails and pearl of indescribable beauty. The reckless twentieth became the boom of narcotic and alcoholic dependence. This epoch was characterized by women that play with characters of “boy”, short hair-cuttings and thinness, on a show. The first vizagysts-proffessionals that are not afraid to experiment with colors and make-up appear in this period.

In 1930-1939 other person in the world of fashion appeared to Nina Ricci. A triumphal bloom was attained by the houses of fashion Chanel and Schiaparelli.  Becomes the idol of epoch Marlene Dietrich, that enters masculine suits in consciousness of woman.

Very new time comes on changing of conservatism, when women already are not afraid to show itself. They change the ideals. In a fashion a tan, physicality and care, is included of itself. Bright colours in the past. Now – it rouges, a bit shadows and, certainly, India ink, are well shaded. It is an epoch of Greta Garbo.

A next period was again associated with wars, But, not having regard to it, a woman always remained a woman: beautiful, tender and unique.

A few steps are to beauty

Industry of fashion developed with development of society. Requirements to original appearance changed and new canons and tendencies were accordingly created. Modern woman - strong, stylish and successful. She always must support itself in a form. And it is the real art.

Care of the person today it already not simply whim of fashion plates, and necessity. But it is needed to know as correct to do it, in fact all good fairly. One of facilities of underlining of beauty of woman vizag is considered. His basic rule I am: to “show advantages and hide defects”.

A make-up is basic part of vizag. He has a row of the rules also. Foremost, picking up a cosmetic and type of make-up it is needed to take into account the age-old features of skin. In fact, cosmetic that befits to the young skin not always will be actual for women after 40. It is also needed to observe the rules of make-up.

A key moment in his creation is a complexion. It is needed correctly to pick up voice-frequency means. He sneaks up not only after a tint and type of make-up (daily or night) but also in accordance with the type of skin. There are even the special facilities for a problem skin. In order that voice-frequency basis did not lie a thick layer, it is needed carefully to inflict her. A color must not differ from the color of your skin. In addition, inflicting her is needed in the well lighted up apartment.

If skin dry, it is needed to use creamy facilities that mask the defects of person in addition, that, yet and moisten him. Having a healthy and beautiful skin, it is possible not ton her, but place it is needed to tint round eyes. Inflicting voice-frequency facilities is necessary the special instruments: moist sponge, by a brush et al in accordance with the type of skin and voice-frequency basis.

Expressiveness of person in a great deal depends on a form and color of eyebrows. Firstly, they need to pick up a regular shape: an internal corner of eyebrows must be on a vertical line with the internal corner of eyes, and external – must not be below, than internal, because a look will seem sad. Hairsprings that grow on a partition and the lines of eyebrows delete below.

Distinguish to the eyebrow shadows, special pencil for eyebrows and paints. The inalienable element of care of eyebrows is their combing. Different gels and brushes are used for this purpose.

Not less attention it is needed to spare to the eyes. In an order to do a look expressive it is necessary to use a few shadows of one tint, but to the different saturation (more light and more dark). First take the shadows of more light tint, than skin, and by an even layer, neatly inflict on eyelids and dark places under eyes. Then will light up eyes light shadows from the line of height of eye-lashes to the superciliary arc. For a fold on an eyelid use more dark colors, moving from the external corner of fold to internal one. After it very light touch to the eyes a pencil and conduct to them on the line of height of eye-lashes.

Making off it, conduct a striola, the same color, what on an overhead century, under an eye, since an external corner. On the internal corner of eyes inflict white shadows. Under an end will impose the skim of mother-of-pearl shadows, beginning from the line of height of eye-lashes to the superciliary arc.

And finally paint eye-lashes India ink. She needs to be inflicted from roots to the tags. You already look chicly. It remained only to underline lips. If you want to do their more complete, it is needed to distinguish contours the pencil of the same color, as well as your pomade. After it carefully inflict a pomade and use brilliance.

That be all. You are a queen of point! But remember that in the evening a make-up necessarily needs to be washed off, to give to the skin to rest for night.

Permanent make-up: pro and con

A permanent make-up (tatuaj) is a new boom in technology of make-up that brings over to itself all greater and greater attention. Method excellently to look at any time twenty-four hours, in spite of your feel. If an ordinary make-up is not famous firmness, then permanent – does not spread, does not peel off and him it is impossible to pound.

Procedure of creation of tatuaj consists in the skins of the special dye entered in epiphases a non-permanent needle. Dyes are made on the basis of mineral or organic substances, therefore they do not cause an allergy. Due to that entered in the epiphases of skin, blood vessels and nervous completions are not damaged.

On the whole all lasts about hour. Before the beginning on a skin anaesthetic gel is inflicted. During all procedure non-permanent needles are used, that provides sterility. In the end on a skin the special antiinflammatory cream is inflicted.

During twenty-four hours after татуажа it is recommended to wash a skin cold water. Complete cicatrization takes place for 2-3 weeks. On the whole a make-up sticks to 5. The different coloured gamut is possible. To it it is needed to belong in earnest and it is good to choose master. In fact exactly he will control the depth of introduction, clearness of lines and to pick up high-quality dyes.

Most problems arise up at too deep introduction, that can cause the change of color that will stick to considerably longer from the color of dye, also in parallel it is possible in place of permanent make-up to form a scar. Contra-indications do not exist on the whole, but it is not recommended to do him for a few days and in the period of menstruation, after the reception of alcohol and at the inflammatory diseases of skin.

Fashion on body-art and tatuaj

Very fashionable body-art and tatuaj become in our time. It is a wonderful alternative for those, who simply aims to underline the style on some time by a picture or abstraction. And body-art, and tatuaj is used exceptionally in decorative aims, only sometimes  it is tatuaj possible to use for adjustment of contour of lips.

For real extreme lovers, for those, whoever is afraid expressed I advise to do real tatu. But it is needed to remember, what body-art, and tatuaj, and tatu beautiful only then, when it is a small picture.

Conversation on-line

Yes, much attention spare the appearance of woman and distinguish the enormous amount of time. Often it dislikes to our second halves. “Dear, well how many it is possible. I already a hour I wait”. – not Once heard to us. “Dear, but I can not go not painted and not dressed” up. – Each time we answer to the enraged men. But when they see us, fury passes and, not having regard to a delay, a woman hears a next compliment from the mouths of man and they together go to the birthday of his friend. Here such we women are unforeseeable, but always beautiful.

On the account of make-up of opinion of women differ sharply. Questioning of girls is conducted showed 17-19 by me, that many of them considered that it is not needed very often to use a decorative cosmetic. “Far fewer cosmetic – and all will be good” – answers Liena Kutsa. But majority is supported idea that it is an inalienable constituent of image and good type of woman. A “make-up can much what to say about character of man” –  asserts Yuliia Molochko.

100% polled have the little secrets of beauty, that help to save a good kind them and see to itself.

From an author

Creation of own character really occupies the enormous amount of time, but if to follow rules and watch after novelties – will create the individual style far easier. Experiment and remain the same unique, what you are!

Nataliia Mohyla