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I’ll go into those green mountains …

Mountaineering lately again acquires vogue and even grows into a fashionable tendency. That fully logically, in fact there are for this purpose wonderful natural terms in our country. If you want to rest from a metropolis, get the new impressions and in the end to join active rest lovers on nature – elect mountaineering to the hobbies. Except all enumerated you yet and literally will be able to reach to the outstandings tops. Indeed, in full to enjoy sweet taste of victory, do not forget in advance to become familiar with all potential dangers. Because mountains are not only romanticism and beautiful landscape but also enormous amount of dangers.

Горный туризмPreparation to the pedestrian trip must be careful. People often behave to it unin earnest, and even scorn in general. Though it costs well to realize that in mountains you will be far from civilization and not always able to accept necessary measures.

It follows for this reason, foremost, in earnest to walk up to the choice of group(do not even think to go to the mountains by a person-beginner) with that you will leave in a trip, and organization that will provide preparation to the hike. She must guarantee a well carefully thought out route, plan, give the spare variants of actions and provide connection with settlements, to acquaint with the rules of behavior. If you are a novice, then do not try to become familiar with to the group of professional travellers. Search people, with that will have similar level physical preparation, tourist skills, it is desirable yet and persons of the same age.

Потурбуйтеся and about an own health: before getting up in mountains inspect and get permission of doctor.

How to feed, that it is good to feel

Харчування під час подорожіCertainly, it is important, on what height and on what term you came in mountains. On small heights can not change an own ration and use a high-calorific meal. At the protracted stay in mountains feed, as a local population.

Also large physical activities need the special drinkable mode. On height of the level of suction of water and different substances diminishes. It results in violation of processes of digestion and suction of meal. Dehydration of organism affects feel and mood. Therefore amount of the used liquid in a time of stay highly in mountains, and especially at conducted the intensive works related to motion on mountain areas, must present not less than four litres on twenty-four hours. Mean that instead of water, eating ice and snow is impossible.

Remember, that the use of hot meal in the morning and suppers obligatory, not having regard to that time of preparation, and also the charges of fuel in the conditions of highland increase through lowering of atmospheric pressure.

Taste tastes can change on large heights. The or sour is desirable, or very sweet, or salt. Therefore додавайте to the meal spicinesses and seasonings.

To engage in the intensive work protracted, in the conditions of highland, попіклуйтесь about an increase amount of vitamins, especially those that assist the improvement of metabolism in an organism.

 A fire is a kind servant, but bad owner

Вогонь добрий слуга

In actual fact mountain hikes are very dangerous and often there are the various surprises related to the maloperations of tourists. Careless behavior with a fire or derivative gas kitchen, kicking about tableware with a hot meal and scalding boiling water or pair is widespread enough reasons of traumas. If the role of attendant fell out you at a fire, then better put on long trousers, shoe and mittens. Make sure in reliability of вогнищевих рогульок, cross-piece or to the rope for the pendant of buckets. And move the already prepared hot meal there, where on her nobody will tread.

To prevent kicking about tableware with a hot meal at the use of compulsions can independently make a derivative kitchen.

Breathe deeper

Дихайте глибше

Does think that exists only seasickness? Are mistaken. In mountains through the shortage of oxygen and LP for you can develop mountain. Her first signals is a shortness of breath, dizziness, headache, sonitus, nausea, sleepiness, muscular weakness, bleeding from a nose and change of psychical reactions. These displays can appear already on height of 2-2,5 thousands

Usually she strikes people with weak immunity. Therefore you are necessary to look after the correctly conducted acclimatization, sufficient trained of organism  before a hike, rational feed and healthy dream. Also їжте побільше sour products that contain the vitamin of С.

   Every organism has an mountain illness differently. At her weak signs it is enough to unload a victim and decrease the rate of motion of group. At complications – give to the patient to rest, provide to him a calmness and will make drunk sweet strong tea. If the state gets worse all exactly, then get down on a less height.

Carefully, rockfall!

КаменепадOne of the most widespread dangers there are rockfalls in mountains. Even a small stone that broke away from above can become reason of catastrophe. He takes after itself other pieces and blocks of breed and can cause a whole hail. And to the blow only one small каменя, that flies with  high speed, sufficiently, to inflict a heavy trauma to the man.

Here, setting forth for mountains, remember, that falling of stones is assisted by the strong gusts of wind, storm digits of lightning and thunder, careless motions of animals and people, but mainly are different daily allowance fluctuations in a temperature. Therefore stick to a little rather from  the foot of steep slopes, do not walk about rocky chamfers and do not cross them.  Mountains become especially dangerous nearer to the south and late in the evening, in the conditions of warm clear weather. If you by chance brushed against a stone, then make a push at most, that at once to stop him, or at least warn all, who is below. Even at a rockfall that began, it is possible to be wrenched from a blow, jumping a jerk on a safe place.

 Threatening and most dangerous

Снігова лавина

If from a rockfall it is possible to be wrenched, although not all it can do, then from such danger, as an avalanche units can pull through. She not for nothing is considered the threatening and most insidious danger of mountains, that at presence of the determined amount of snow can arise up at any time year and on the slopes of different steepness.

A dry avalanche carries the fully real danger of difficulty in breathing from penetration of shallow particles of snow dust in standard. The wet easily knocks a man down and in case of stopping quickly змерзається. In the end any avalanche injures and can become reason of freezing of man. If your tourist group appeared in the zone of an increase danger, all will depend on speed of reaction and decision of actions. Noticing an avalanche, stronger throw down backpacks, dismiss the ends of avalanche cords and escape aside from an avalanche. At a dry пилоподібній avalanche it is important in time densely to close something a mouth and nose.

If your group got under an avalanche and someone disappeared, first of all find and fish out him from snow. Render the first домедичну aid and as possible quicker deliver to the skilled doctor. If a man did not succeed to be found, report about it a control-rescue point, local population, other tourists and alpinists.

Olga Komyz