This User agreement(further is «Agreement») regulates relations between a web-site «» — by the release of  Internet resource «» (further is Release) and physical person(further is Author, User) on placing of fotos, to text information(further are Materials) on WEB— web-site in a network the Internet to address of (further is Web-site). An author a physical person is considered, accepting the terms of this User Agreement and as confirmation directing Materials for placing on Web-site.

1. An author gives Releases Materials for placing on Web-site on the terms that is certain this Agreement.

2. Text of Agreement is on a web-site main menu of «Rule of web-site»« item. An agreement inures after the dispatch of materials in Release of Web-site.

3. Terms of placing of Materials :

3.1. A release places Materials on Web-site, if they correspond to the parameters indicated in this Agreement.

3.2. As a project «» is free service, reward for the given Materials not paid Author.

3.3. An author, sending Materials for placing on Web-site, gratuitously passes to Release a right for the free use and grant of access to Materials and/or their separate parts(to the fragments) within the limits of Web-site without some limitations on a term, duration and volume of their use.

3.4 An author lets to Release to use Materials and/or their separate parts(fragments) any methods, in any form in any aims, including, without limitation, in advertisement, imaginary and promo rollers, announcements, sponsor illuminations, layouts, advertisement modules etc., and also accedes to that Release is right to place on pages, containing Materials of Author, any advertisement banners and announcements(including the third persons), to edit, modify and process Materials, and also to use the sent Materials in another commercial aims.

3.5. An author guarantees that possesses all necessary rights on the sent Materials, to settle their use in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and bears all responsibility for his maintenance.

3.6. An author guarantees that placing of Materials on Web-site and their further use does not violate the personal and property rights for other persons, including(but not limited) authorial, contiguous, patent rights, rights on the untouchable of private life, on the guard of images, on defence of honour, dignity and kind name etc. In case of origin of situations, at that Release will have doubts in that Author is the possessor of rights on the Materials placed to them, Release is right at own discretion to delete the already placed Materials.

3.7. Unauthorized printing-down and use of Materials persons and organizations bear responsibility for, incompetently using the Materials published on Web-site.

3.8. At placing of Materials Release specifies the Name and last name of Author, indicated by Author at the grant of Materials.

3.9. The Materials placed on Web-site must not contain: — Materials that violate the operating normatively-legal acts of Ukraine offend morality, honour, dignity, rights for the third persons and interests of the third persons guarded by a law, are slanderous, defiat copyrights, propagandizing a hatred and/or discrimination of people on racial, ethnic, sexual, social to the signs, assisting kindling of religious, racial or international strife, hurting rights for minorities etc.; are Materials that User has no authority to make accessible by law or according to some contract relations; are Materials, that affect some patent, trade mark, commercial secret, copywright or other ownership rights and/or authorial and contiguous with him rights for the third party; — intentional or casual violation of some applicable local, state or international normatively-legal acts; — uncoordinated transmission of records of advertisement, commercial or agitation character; are advertisements of narcotic facilities.

3.10. A release has a right to say no to Author in placing of Materials, and also to delete Materials at own discretion, if their maintenance conflicts with the requirements of this Agreement and current legislation. Thus Release is not under an obligation to advise Author about reasons of such refuse, moving away.

3.11. An author accedes to that he bears the complete responsibility in regard to the Materials placed to them on Web-site. In case of receipt of claims from the third persons related to placing of Materials on Web-site and/or their use, Author independently and for the account will settle the indicated claims.

3.12. A release does not carry responsibility for maintenance of Materials and for accordance to their requirements of operating normatively-legal acts, for violation of copyrights, unauthorized use of trademarks, commercial denotations etc., and also for possible violations of rights for the third persons in connection with placing of Materials on Web-site and/or their use in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

3.13. A release tries to provide trouble-free work of Web-site, however carries to responsibility for the complete or partial loss of Materials, placed by Author, and also for insufficient quality or speed of grant of services in placing and viewing of Materials.

4. Technical requirements to Materials:

4.1. Materials take place on Web-site in case that Author sends them in accordance with the technical requirements set by this point. A release has a right not to place Materials in case if they will not conform to these requirements.

4.2 Text Materials must be given in widespread formats(Word) by volume of from 5 to 15 thousand signs, photos for reasons is sent by separate files(in the formats of JPEG (JPG), RAW, TIFF, PSD, BMP, GIF, PNG), for authentication of Author Material can contain the information indicated in п. 3.8. this Agreement.

5. An agreement is a legally obligating agreement between Author and Release and regulates the terms of grant Author of Materials for placing on Web-site and their further use.

6. Various disputes concerning Agreement is settled according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

7. An author considering, that his rights and interests are broken from the actions of Release or third persons in connection with placing on Web-site of some Materials, reports Administrations about it.

8. An author consents that this Agreement can be changed by Release without some special notification. Any changes of Agreement inure from the moment of publication of new release of Agreeing to Web-site. Disagreement with the inuring changes of Agreement Author can express only by the serve of request about moving away of the Materials from Web-site.

9. In case of acceptance of normatively-legal acts government of Ukraine bodies, affecting wholly or in part, functioning of Web-site, Release reserves right any changes in functioning of Web-site, sent to the coersion last in accordance with new norms.