02.11.2013 - News

Submitted design amusement park in Venice

The Italian company offers turn Artifical island of garbage in Venice at an amusement park.

On Wednesday, October 30, the company that built the last rides at Coney Island and never running a nuclear power plant in Germany, presented a project creating a theme park in Venice, a total budget of 68 million dollars.

Antonio Zamperla , whose company specializes in creating amusement parks , generates revenues of £ 51 million a year , plans to build a 55 -foot Ferris wheel , roller coaster and other rides and a variety of installations, illustrating the fragile ecology of the Venetian lagoon and the city’s history.
This project is currently under review and approval , is scheduled to make on a desert island , where once was located incineration plant . Mr. Zamperla promises to clean up this filthy place toxins and create 500 jobs, but the Venetians are not so easy to convince them that it would be better .
Mr Zambely , park , known as the “Island of San Biagio ” can be opened in two years, “if everything goes smoothly, without serious resistance .”
Mr. Zamperla said project focusing on the history of Venice. He does not want to call it an amusement park, it would be an easy target for detractors who say that the city and so declined due to the influx of tourists and Venetians as a result of relocation to cheaper housing on the mainland.
Lydia Ferzuoh , President of Venetian conservation organization «Italia Nostra», said the project is flawed because it focuses only on tourism and offer any ideas on how to attract the economy of local residents.
 ”We need the opposite of what they are doing , namely the ability to make from Venice city living ,” – she said. – “We are always hostage to tourism.”
Mr. Zamperla said that his project will enrich the tourist experience and knowledge, but added that rides required to pay for cultural exhibits.
” In order to preserve cultural investment, we need rides, ” – he said. – ” Otherwise, it would not be cost-effective. “
Author: Anastasiia Trepyton