17.10.2013 - News

Luxury yacht for divers

The problem with housing for tourists on the islands of eastern Indonesia is solved: on holidays they offer to settle a luxury yacht.

Eastern Indonesian island attracted explorers and naturalists for centuries. Among them was Sir Francis Drake, who came to the islands in search of nutmeg and cloves. Now these islands are popular with divers , who are attracted by their isolation and extremely rich underwater life. There has always been a problem, where to stay . But now there is the opportunity to live on board a sailing vessel, the routes of which varies depending on time of year .

Blue Tiger – a traditional Indonesian wooden two-masted sailing yacht , 112 feet long , which is placed 10 people in four cabins with much better facilities than are commonly found on board a boat for diving : huge double beds, air conditioning, shower with hot water, beautiful cabins with wooden walls and decorations by local artisans . Dishes – from fine European and Indonesian cuisine to sushi – served on the shaded main deck width of 25 feet. The ship also has advanced features for entertainment and communications, such as DVD- player, a satellite phone , but no internet.

At night you can watch the stars without light pollution . Day – to swim with the stingrays , follow the green turtles, snorkeling or diving, explore the colorful, almost pristine coral reefs, kayaking , fishing and observe the life of the island.

Throughout most of the yacht is only available for private charter flights to the individual routes : from May to September – swimming around the island of Komodo , in November and December – around the Banda Islands , the birthplace of spices , and in March- April and November to March – around the most remote archipelago of Raja Ampat , which consists of the 1,500 small islands , where, as many believe , the richest coral reef ecosystems in the world. But in February , May, September , October and November of 2014 it will be possible to make their own single cabins on the specified routes.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton