08.06.2014 - News

Russian children are introduced to the operation of airports

5000 children from Surgut through joint program UTair airline and airport “Surgut” could get acquainted with the work of airport and airline.

In spring 2011, UTair airline hub and its international airport “Surgut” has launched an important social project for children and young Surgut – program “Career Days” under which conducted tours of the airport.

Three years after the start of the program organizers held more than 300 excursions and more than 5,000 children closer acquainted with the working process of the airport and airlines. Interest in the program has grown, so on May 21 this year, UTair with airport “Surgut” began regular tours for school children three times a week.

During the first part of a three-hour tours to schoolchildren say that each of the main services of the airport makes for a training flight. Next is part of UTair, during which all young visitors can explore the planes and helicopters – to board, go to the cockpit and even sit on the captain of the aircraft.

“These tours tell the younger generation how the airlines and airport as a whole. This achieves an important purpose, namely facilitating the selection of civil aviation as a possible career and return the forgotten glory of professions related to air”, – said Andrey Martyrosov, CEO of UTair.

“The fact that children are interested in learning about our profession encourages us to do these tours continue”, – said General Director of the International airport “Surgut” Eugene Dyachkova. – “I hope that this project will attract the attention of children and young people with technical specialties that popularity which has recently begun to decline. I hope it helps them to direct their energies in the right direction and inspire them to become engineers of the highest level.”

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton