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Handmade oasis – Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates – a country re-alnist which is not immediately exposed understanding. Most of the headlines abbreviation “UAE” is in the neighborhood of the adjective “expensive.” This is no accident …

Arab Emirates – record of accumulation at home Gote-expensive metals, highest skyscrapers, most non-conventional architectural designs, most, most, most, and what land there. For examples do, holding a single tree on the roadside costs the country of approximately 400 per year. The bottom line is that the natural resources of the desert oasis not imply any re-vegetation, so kozhnisinkoho spine – whether a flower or shrub or tree – summed hose, from which the first clock water drops and nourishes Russian-lynu. This is the only way to green the place of Vista, and learned it perfectly, because wherever you cast an eye from all sides green, red, blue, yellow nayrizno-manitnishi plants.

But there’s $ 400 for a single tree, when the last of the New Year in the lobby tables-ment seven-star hotel «Emirates Palace» found the most expensive in the history tree, the price of which amounted to 11.5 million dollars. Christmas babe was adorned with precious gold game-shkamy, sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, we, pearls and other luxury akse-Soir.

Customary law

And not all “traditions” Eastern world Arab country is committed. NA-arbitrary religion here is Islam, and no tourists ever and would not allow him to violate the canons. For example, on the beach you can be fined for being too candid bathing suit (about topless sunbathing is not out of the question), have to pay for and use of alcoholic beverages in any public places (even on the balcony of your own hotel room), a strict prohibition also applies to image of Arab women without their husbands. And this is not the whole list of “violations of public morality”, in which the UAE at best will have to pay a tidy sum in the worst is – detention by the police with all subsequent us-quences. So before you go, nice to challenge the wonders of the world that are rich in this country like no other, it should be thoroughly taught thence, traditions and customs.

“Ukrainian tourists often underestimated the gravity-tion laws were there, and sometimes not aware of them. Superiority of the conflict with the Arab militia, Of course, with the Russians, but also Ukrainian “go all out” trying to catch up with them.

However, among domestic itinerant-ing abundance and those who is responsible sible attitude to travel – all chew-called “pros” and “against”, and then I decide. If you wish to outweigh day-night feasts, then go to Egypt, Turkey, Thailand and others. If the first place there is a cultural holiday and desire for new emotions – go to the Emirates. Often these tourists returning from a trip, come to us, to share unforgettable experiences and thank-tions “- says Kovalchuk Yana, manager of international tourism th.

Past and Present

Another aspect that is amazing – the pace of development of the country. Prior to 1970, here there were no paved roads, not only transport at the time served as camels. However, after the opening rd oil fields and further their development desert city-state vorylysya converted into a fabulous treasure.

Before the discovery of oil is held Xia extraction and processing of pearl ri-balstvom, petty commerce. Even before the Second World War, this place, the message was known as the “Pearl Beach”. Population oases engaged in animal husbandry, cultivation of date palms, of producing silver jewelry and similar crafts. Neither of which was not dressing-lo and opinions. The climate allow you to liv-hyzhkah with palm leaves, and prog-duvaty family could by his own farm.

The development of the oil industry laid the foundation for the prosperity of the country. Every dollar from the sale of natural resources invested in development of infrastructure-ing objects: roads, schools, hospitals, ports, airports and so on. Such an economic jump-Vav need to attract a huge number of work-dence force. As a result – now 70% of the population Arab Emirates are so-called guest workers from other countries. However, such foreign expansion does not affect the identity of the state. The work here can not get anyone on the employment of people from the CIS are not talking at all. And how many people did not work on the country – to get citizenship is almost impossible.

By the end of last year, there existed Did-than 2 legal ways of obtaining citizen-tion, either from the personal permission of the ruler for special services to the state, or (for women) after marrying the root-Atlantic residents and birth to him at least two children. The second way is even more unrealistic than the first, because the one-teshnye society condemns marriages, cor-laden to a foreigner. Recently, there is another way: if emiratka goes, between a foreigner, her children after attaining the age of 18 years are entitled to the status of citizen of the UAE.

Indigenous residents are non-somehow benefits, social security and other privileges. For Example-down, the state does wedding young-there gift of $ 20,000 dollars and villas where the newly formed family could start a family life. When the family peoples dzhuyetsya boy, a gift from the state is 50 000. Foreigners simply get good money for any pos-alkali.

Currently Emirates are cost-effective not only to their own men, but also to increments dnyh resources. For example, sand for on-myvannya well known international archipelagos UAE bought from other countries in order not to spoil their fabulous beaches.

Politics and state symbols

United Arab Emirates – a federation that consists of seven emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Kayvayn and Fujairah), which actually is equal monarchies. At the head of each emirate is ruler – Emir that concentrates in the hands of a higher temporal and spiritual power.

UAE National Flag consists of three equally wide horizontal stripes, lnyh – green, white, black – and red vertically. Each color has its own meaning: green symbolizes the pillars of int religion – Islam, white – vast, empty-tional sand, black – the country’s main wealth – oil, and red – courage and bravery of the Arab people.

National Emblem of the UAE approved only in 2008. It depicts Oct-th falcon – a symbol of power in a single country. The tail is made up of so many bird feathers as Emirates is a part of the state, ie seven.

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