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Beauty infections: how to protect yourself

This long-awaited and unforgettable wedding day… Every bride wants to look your best. That`s why Halyna previously signed up to receive one of the most expensive beauty salons city to a manicure. After that her hands look really great. However, as the saying goes, “music played long, long man dancing”. For twenty years she lived with “fungus under the nail”, which she, for negligence and ordinary “negligence” brought during salon procedures so called “masters”. Since then, a woman and taking a single step over the threshold “salon infections”.
“Never attended these salons and no advise. The first and last time you went there. How many years trying to cure fungus, and all in vain. And if everything is sterile there, and tools were clean though, that’s just an infection as it managed to swing any way”, – complains Halyna.

The risks of cosmetic procedures
The pursuit of the ideal – a characteristic of each are women. Manicure – part of the image of any woman (and now even men). Long fingers, soft skin and, of course, neat manicure. However, not all nature has bestowed healthy long nails. So many people are running simultaneously in various beauty salons and even not think about the possible consequences of “not cheap” fun. And why not: quick, painless, and most importantly – cheap and cheerful. The danger: a sudden blow? But not always happen as hoped.
Cold sores, fungus, staphylococcus, hepatitis, and even HIV. Not too good list, right? This simple at first glance, the process, unfortunately, is a rather big risk of contracting any of these diseases in the beauty salon. Years go by, there are new tools and technologies to avoid such problems, but statistics still remains disappointing. Thousands of Ukrainian women continue to complain about the lack of professionalism would-be masters. They instead repudiate the customers negligence, they say, does not comply with hygiene rules after the procedures are to blame.
Why is this happening?
When the master does manicure (nail cosmetic or plain), it removes unwanted skin, and this, in turn, is surgery. Use appropriate cosmetic equipment (for example, scissors and other sharp objects) can become a fair risk of various injuries. Even a minor wound infection has greatly diseases transmitted through blood.
Cosmetic equipment must be handled in a special steriliser and then wipe disinfecting agents to destroy the fungus along with bacteria. Although disinfection of instruments and mandatory in all salons, make sure that you are serving, use sterile instruments, not too easy. The thing is that often you can hear the rumbling administrators catch sight most sinister masters or even the same visitors who usually do not have time somewhere. How then have if today manicured nails – one of the most important attributes of a modern girl?
How to protect yourself: safety rules in a beauty salon
To keep your hands looking good, and you were healthy, no need to completely refuse service salons. One has only to be careful and stick to a few rules to avoid infections.
1) Germs – no.
Whatever was not flawless reputation cabin and no matter how prestigious it looked, before appointment to the master, ask him about how to disinfect instruments. Warn that in addition to handling their disinfecting agents you would like to equipment subjected to treatment in a sterilizer for manicure.
2) Workplace – clean and tidy.
Visual inspection of the premises for work. Needless to say, it should be clean and well maintained? The floors and walls – with materials that wash (for other than their net?). Sterile and neatly stacked tools clean cotton pads and wipes? Then you have come to exactly the right place! If the question is – does not need to be ashamed, be sure to place. If in doubt – please feel free to refuse service.
3) Gloves – required.
Performing the procedure, the master must be in disposable gloves and disinfect hands between doses customers.
4) All I have with me.
Course, is simply unrealistic to have their instruments for all procedures, but something is still possible. The best defense – a manicure set. For each of the fair is the home of humanity is.
5) Pain – invalid.
Quite often customers just endure the pain that it causes by negligence master. Do not need. If you feel uncomfortable – do not be afraid, speak confidently. The person making manicure to know, what you uncomfortable, and do everything to ensure that you do not feel pain.
6) A qualified master.
What do you know about the wizard? He really skilled worker? You advised his friend as a good specialist? What’s in it education? Is there a medical book?.. All these issues need to be seen. They are specific to your health.
7) Compensation.
If nevertheless failed to protect themselves and would be master of you poised infection should seek compensation not only the procedure but also the cost of treatment. Typically, salon owners care about their reputation, so to solve this problem is not faced with difficulties.
Expert commentary. Tetiana Farbota, a specialist in manicure:
“Moisten the tool just enough alcohol to kill all bacteria. And workers often make many salons. By medical standards, reusable medical instrument must undergo several stages of sterilization. First – soaking in antiseptic thus destroyed some bacteria and vegetative forms, but, unfortunately, the spore forms remain. So the next stage – mechanical cleaning: simply wash with a special brush under running water. And finally – a heat treatment (using special devices). In manicurist also be 2-3 sets of tools. Before you sit down at your table, the expert must handle its antiseptic and your hands – with a special antiseptic for skin”.
So remember that, following relatively simple rules, you can safely recorded on admission to any beauty salon. For Your Health – in your hands (both literally and figuratively).

Tetiana Havryliuk