15.10.2013 - News

The oldest cinema in the world reopened

Cinema “Eden”, where at the end of the 19th century were shown innovative films of the Lumiere brothers, will reopen after 18-year renovation.

Cinema “Eden” (Eden), located near the port of La Ciotat, was closed for renovation in 1995. Inside the theater was overhaul, the old seats have replaced the velvet chairs, and old carpets was replaced oak parquet. Outside the facade is decorated with mosaics theater now.

In the end of 19th century, a familiy’s friend Raul Gallo owned the cinema, and it is here for the first time in history, a film “Arrival of a Train at” by Lumiere brothers.

In 1899 the building was converted into a hall with 250 seats, in which local notable, and then the ordinary people could see for a fee tape recorded with the Lumiere brothers. Later, the theater was closed a few times, worked as a concert hall and theater. At one time there were stars such as Yves Montand and Fernandel.

In 1990, after the assassination of its owner, the building was purchased by the local municipalit. However, it was in poor condition and was organized by the company in favor of the cinema “Lumiere d’Eden”. By sponsors in the building underwent a major renovation, which cost 6 million euros.

The updated 166-seat movie theater will not only work as a platform to showcase the films, but also as an exposition of the history of cinema.

Author: Olga Broskova
Source: telegraph.co.uk