07.12.2013 - News

North Europe suffers from hurricanes

Hurricanes flew to the UK on Thursday, stopping trains , violating air traffic and leaving tens of thousands of homes without electricity.

After warning that the country could face the worst in the last 60 years, tidal waves, authorities evacuated about 10,000 homes along the eastern English coast. Thames Barrier – a series of huge metal plates that can be picked up across the river – on Thursday was closed to protect London from the waves.

Rescue teams had to take residents to a safe place on a boat in North Wales, while officials in other areas of distributed sandbags and built shelters.

Floods caused by the storm, with strong cold winds from Greenland were expected in the UK, Germany and Scandinavia.

Scotland storm overtook the night wind in the highlands reached 142 kilometers per hour. Train service was suspended for most of the day, but partially recovered as soon as some of the trails were cleared of debris.

EasyJet passengers on the flight from London to Glasgow landed in Manchester after unsuccessful attempts to land at Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Ferry operators have canceled flights to some of the German island in the North Sea, and the country’s national railway, Deutsche Bahn, has warned of possible disruptions in northern Germany.

German authorities reported flooding on tiny islands in Langeneß Hooge and the North Sea near the Danish news agency DPA. Nearly all flights at the airport of Hamburg in northern Germany were canceled on Thursday night.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source: travelweekly.com